Get the Most Out of Your Herb

One of the biggest questions is always how to make your herbs go further. This might not make sense for everyday use – just taking the edge off before work doesn’t require this kind of dedication – but nearly everyone has been in a situation at one time or another where getting the most from they got is of critical importance. Good news! There are definitely ways that you can make your smoke go further.

High Quality Technology

Better technology is engineered to last longer. And so will your herb.
Better technology is engineered to last longer. And so will your herb.

Though it costs more in the short term, going with a high tech pen or portable vaporizer is the single best way to make your herb go further. The go-to recommendation gleaned from digging through numerous forums and discussion on the topic seems to be to start with a low temperature vaporizer and slowly work your way up until you can’t get anything else out of your new tech. If you want to find your ideal vaping temperature, go with a desktop vaporizer which has adjustable digital readouts of temperature, humidity, and more.

If high tech (and therefore higher cost) is out of the question for one reason or another, the gravity pipe is the agreed upon second-best. The good thing about this option is that there are a number of resources available on how to make your own from items you may already have in your home.

Buy the Good Stuff

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Better quality simply lasts longer.

This is another key thing – much in the same way that your Honda Civic will never be a super car, you can only improve some things so much. Buying higher quality to begin with is often the single best way to go. This will maximize your experience and serve as a force multiplier.

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Most of the things you can do are based around getting out as much of the active ingredients and putting them into your system. If you’ve bought cheap product, and the ingredients just aren’t there, there’s not much you can do to fix it. You will get the best result by buying the best product you can at the price you can afford. Remember to be friendly with whomever your supplier is.

Use All Remnants

Cannabis Butter Making
Whatever you do in life, don’t be wasteful with it.

It’s the old adage of reduce, re-use, recycle. Reduce by vaping or using a gravity bong, and re-use vaporized remains to make your weed go further. Whether you’re making THC butter for baking or you’re making firecrackers with the remainder from a purchase, one of the best steps is to find ways to reuse what you’ve already smoked.

Making edibles from remnants is its own art, and often involves different processes than those used when working with new weed. When you’re using un-vaped weed for edibles, make sure to read up on decarboxylation methods before ingesting, or you might end up wasting weed. There have been a number of enterprising chefs out there that have already found uses for your stems (tea), and nearly every other part of the plant. Do your research and start experimenting with how you can get your weed to go further.

Use Reclaim for Pre-rolls, Tinctures, and more

Reclaim is the brown, sticky, resin-like residue left-over in dab rigs after a few weeks of use. It can still be quite potent and can be eaten or used in tinctures, cigarettes, and caps. Reclaim has already been decarbed, or heat-activated, so the possibilities are truly endless. Don’t let your residual shatter, budder, or hash oil go to waste. Read more about how to get reclaim out of your rigs and vapes!

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The Little Things

There are also a bunch of small tips that will help if you aren’t already doing them. 1. Make sure you’re using a screen (if applicable) to prevent loss of non-smoked herb. 2. Clear the bowl when you’re done. And 3. Try not fighting the coughs.

One of the biggest things to consider is the ratio of smoke to air that you’re getting in. Much like caffeine needing water to metabolize properly in your system, you need to be getting enough air in to properly metabolize the herb you’re ingesting.

If you just want a little bit to take the edge off, and you want your herb to last a long time, consider doing what the British do, and roll your own cigarettes with herb and tobacco together, just remember tolerance and stay away from this method if you aren’t a smoker of traditional cigarettes.

As you can see, there are a number of best practices out there for determining what’s the best way to get the most out of your herb. Taking these lessons to heart will hopefully help your dollar go farther, and your herb last longer.