cannabis and a healthy lifestyle

The world is going green. The prevalence of marijuana in today’s society means that more people from more walks of life are lighting up. Twenty years ago, people who never would have dreamed of getting high are casual, or even habitual, smokers. With this diversity comes a revelation in the world of cannabis: the stoner is changing. More and more people are trying to fit their smoking habits into an active and healthy lifestyle and after all, who can blame us? This is the twenty first century; we want our cake and we want to eat it too.

So the question becomes how do we smoke to our hearts content and still feel great, not feel drained all the time, and kick ass at the gym (if that’s your style). There isn’t an easy answer, but the path to finding a balance starts with rethinking some of the key elements of being a stoner… and a health nut.

Mind your Edibles

There is perhaps nothing more recognizable to a stoner than the pot brownie. It is a holy trinity of chocolate, dense and filling calories, and of course THC. If you’re regularly hitting the gym, or even just trying not to put on weight stay away from foods like brownies that are basically calorie factories. That goes for cakes, cookies, and other sugary treats too. Even cannabis laced ice cream (yes, that’s a real thing) is still ice cream.We have a list of 21 foods that you wouldn’t expect to get you high for other edible options and check out recipes for granola bars or homemade power bars that could stand to be improved through the addition of some greenery or simply switch to smoking or vaping.

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Conquer the Munchies

I’ve heard it a thousand times, and we’ve all been there: eating an entire gallon of ice cream because you were super high. That’s fun to do once in a while but if you find that you are consistently reaching for junk food when trying to quell your hunger you’re going to be taking a lot of steps backward for every step forward when it comes to staying healthy.

Think about healthy snack alternatives, and don’t keep a cupboard of junk food snacks within reach. Aim for non-fried veggie chips or sweet potato crisps as a substitute for chips. Make a simple stir-fry or salad instead of reaching for that fifth cookie. Be sure to check out our article about slaying the munchies for more tips.

stir fry

Rethinking your Habits Could Help you Obtain Balance

Is your strain getting you up, or is it keeping you down? You know the drill: sativa is the choice for energy and indica is the sloth maker. Of course, there are a lot of factors in play—we all have a different experience. The powers that be however, have decreed that to get stuff done you should be packing sativa in your bowl and not indica.

As pot guru Doug Benson has said a million times,

“Indica means in-da-couch”

The amount you are smoking can translate into a different experience as well. This may sound like ‘no duh’ advice, but it could be the lynchpin in understanding how you can balance your green lifestyle with your healthy lifestyle. Are you smoking pre-workout? If so, how is it affecting you? Try smoking less and see if your workout is more effective, or try finding a smoke spot with a view, and go for a hike!

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Alternatively you can change your smoking schedule. Wait until post-workout to light up if the high you isn’t a rep pumping machine. No matter when you choose to smoke—pre or post workout—drink lots of water like your mother told you. The combination of smoking, sweating, and exertion will leave you thirsty and depleted.

Thinking about your habits extends beyond the interaction that cannabis and your workout regimen have; think about other daily habits too. Before we go any further, remember that this is a judgement free zone. When you smoke marijuana do you also light a cigarette? If you’re trying to quit, be mindful of pot as a trigger for nicotine cravings. Do you reach for a beer when you smoke? I’m no nutritionist but it’s pretty evident that frequent beer drinking is counterproductive toward living a healthy lifestyle let alone having a slim waistline.

Like I said, no judgements. Moderation is key.

beer sunset

The bottom line is that to pair a healthy lifestyle and healthy dose of cannabis, listen to your body and be mindful of your habits. Unfortunately this may lead you to the conclusion that cutting back on your intake of trees is the only way to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. There is no easy answer, and to truly seek out a compromise you will have to be honest with yourself about your lifestyle choices, your goals, and your body.

Ultimately, it is up to you to find the balance. Until next time friends, may your fields always be green.

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