Cannabis is a diverse plant that can produce a wide range of effects in users. From sleep-inducing, “couch-lock” indicas to snappy and sharp sativas, and all the hybrids in between, selecting the right strain is critical to avoiding negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety. Thankfully many states with recreational or medicinal legalization are aware of this, and dispensaries have qualified budtenders to help you decide which strains you may want to avoid. Generally speaking energizing sativas can make users feel more anxious, and indicas tend to be more calming, but some users credit the time of harvest as an anxiety-inducing factor. These strains in particular are known for their anxiety inducing effects, and should be sampled with caution:

Green Crack:

Source: MedicalJane

A pure sativa often used to treat fatigue and depression, there is no doubt of Green Crack’s energizing qualities. Some users, including Jake Browne from The Cannabist, have reported its effects to include jitteriness, and shortened attention span. With limited pain-relief properties, Green Crack is not a good choice for those prone to anxiety. This might be a good example of strains you may want to avoid if you find yourself anxiety-prone.

Thai Haze:



A sativa-dominant hybrid known for a euphoric and creative high, Thai Haze is another strain to watch for. The effects of this strain can come on slow, but can range to a near-psychedelic experience at the upper levels. While the strain does have some pain relieving properties, anxiety-prone users should be cautious.

Durban Poison:

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A pure sativa strain from South Africa, Durban Poison is known for trichome heavy buds with a heart-pounding high. While many prefer this strain for daytime productivity, and high energy activities, some users report a period of paranoia or anxiety immediately after smoking.

This is just a few examples of strains that may possibly induce anxiety or paranoia, be sure to consult your budtender and or just try a small sample if you suffer from anxiety or paranoia. A more indica-heavy strain can provide a more soothing experience for the paranoia-prone.

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