1.    Gravilux

In this awesome physics app, you get to control the number of particles, the strength of the gravity, and the color of the particles that changes with motion. Your finger is the center of gravity – it can repel, or attract, and this game supports multi-touch. Ignoring the two dollar price tag, I have not found a better app to waste my time when I should be doing other things while high.

2.    Clash of Clans

Im sure everyone has heard of Clash of Clans, but it takes on a whole new element when you move past the cartoonish figures and terrible commercials. With DPS (damager per second), over 15 troops, multiple resources, a clan-war mode, and soul-sucking hours worth of upgrading and battling, Clash of Clans is a bit more than an mobile game for kids. Believe it or not, there are entire strategy guides and subreddits devoted to this game. If you’re a bit more of a serious gamer, this game is worth a shot. At least try to get to Town Hall level 5, because thats when the gameplay gets a little more complicated.

3.    Ganja Farmer

This has become one of my favorite games on the iPhone. Think of it as Farmville for cannabis, except with chiller music and drug deals rather than crop harvests. As you progress as a bud farmer, you can unlock interesting machines such as the “Potcorn Machine,” a machine that creates bud-flavored beer, a cannabis cake machine, and quite a few others. You can also unlock a plane to make larger deliveries, if you get tired of selling strains such as Pink Panther and Blueberry Kush to your walk-in clients.

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4.    Elevate

Elevate is the most interesting brain-training game I have played. It’s fantastic because the games are actually entertaining, and over the past few weeks of playing (high), I can see progress in every gaming session I do. Game modes include reading, writing, listening, adding, estimating, percentages, and many more. Whether or not it helps in areas outside of the game, I cannot say for sure, but its certainly comforting to assume you are engaging in brain-growing activities while smoking pot and playing a mobile phone game.

 5.    2048

2048 experienced an explosion of popularity last year, so if you have not heard of it, it’s definitely worth a google search. The mobile game is the same as the web-based one, and if you enjoy math puzzles, then this game is for you. I’d be interested to see screenshots of the highest score anyone has gotten; the most I can say for myself is 8192.

6.    Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is the best-looking and most fun tower-defense game I have played so far. There’s not too much as far as complicated gameplay goes, but it is at least a good way to consume your time if you have nothing better to do. I’m a particular fan of this game because of its variance in both friendly and enemy units, and the ability to use special powers if you get in a sticky situation.

7.    Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is one of the most interesting games I have played on the iPhone. You play as a virus, evolving the ability to infect, transform, and eventually kill humanity. It sounds a little dark, yes, but its quite fun and not gory at all. You can also unlock interesting achievements, such as “Oink oink,” which you get when you create a disease that mimics the swine flu combo. Plague costs $1, and you can play as over 6 different types of infection, like viruses, bacteria, nano-virus and neurax worm.

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 8.    Jetpack Joyride

This game has quickly become one of my favorites on my iPhone. It is a reaction-based jumping game, with all kinds of interesting obstacles and powers. One of my favorites parts of the game are the vehicles – the “Crazy Freaking Teleporter,” a badass motorcycle, and a few others that I’ll let you discover yourself.