Ever wanted to bring the process of vaping to the next level of lazy? I’ve been messing around with home automation, and one of my favorite products so far has been the SmartSense Presence Sensor by SmartThings. Alongside the SmartThings Hub, it can detect when you arrive and leave the house, and subsequently trigger other smart home devices.

Originally, I was using it to turn on the lights and my space heater when it detected me arriving home, but lately, I’ve had my vape plugged into the SmartPower Outlet. Of course, all of this is quite an expensive investment if your only goal is to turn on your vape when you get home, and you have no previous investment in . However, if you’re already in the process of automating your home, try setting up your vaporizer to warm up at a certain time (such as 4:17, since mine takes on average 2-3 minutes to heat up), or set it up to turn on when your presence is detected at home, so you can have a bowl waiting for you after a long day at work.

Alongside a presence sensor, you can also use a motion detector if you have a “vape cave” setup like this redditor. If you don’t have a SmartThings compatible setup, you can use the Belkin Wemo Motion sensor and Smart Plug (available for just over $80 here) to detect when you enter the room and start heating up your vape. Give it a shot and send us a photo of your setup!

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