DIMENSIONS: 4 1/8” x 1 2/5” x 7/8” [1]



  •        Small, discreet, and light-weight
  •        Smell is moderately pungent but easy to use in a low-density area (obviously varies on strain)
  •        Device does not look like a vaporizer
  •        Battery life is about an hour of constant use, or for me, about 6 vaporizer sessions. When in a group, it lasts considerably shorter
  •        Heats up fast
  •        Moderately difficult to clean
  •        3 different heat settings
  •        PARTY MODE!
  •        Standby detector


  •        Mouthpiece can start to stick after heavy usage
  •        Device can heat up to an uncomfortable temperature hot enough to burn you on the bottom
  •        Needs to be cleaned fairly often

PRICE: $249


To begin using the Pax, you just need to pop the bottom lid off and pack the oven full of herb. If you do not pack the Pax tight and then click the mouthpiece out. You can pop the mouthpiece fully out once it is extended by pulling at the base of it with your thumbnail. From here you can press the small button on the inside and change the temperature to one of the following modes:

Yellow  = 370F

Orange  = 390F

Red     = 410F

Once you pop the cap back on, the device will take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to heat up fully and then you will be good to go. Lastly, when you want to check the charge of your battery, shake the device, and the LED’s on the front will give you a reading of red, yellow, or green; almost empty, halfway charged, and fully charged, respectively.

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Some of the coolest features of the Pax also make it the most unique vaporizer – a standby mode, and a party mode. The standby mode utilizes the devices accelerometers to detect when it is set down and not held – this will cause the Pax to kick into stand-by mode, turn the LED’s purple, and keep the device at a lower temperature (yet still hot enough to make resuming the vape session easily). My personal favorite feature is Party Mode, which I’ll leave to you to figure out.

Overall, the Pax makes an excellent portable and discreet vaporizer. It is lightweight, does not look suspicious, and the aroma emitted from the device is not strong. The biggest issue the frequent cleaning required.