The Magic Flight Launch Box was my very first vaporizer. It was also my second, after my first got destroyed. I still have that second one, actually. The Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB for short, is an above average hand-held vaporizer that you can get for a very reasonable price. You can pick and choose your favorite wood for the box to be made out of, and also your favorite design to be laser etched onto the plexi-glass top.

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

The device is also fairly simple to use, once you get the hang of it – a fine grind produces the best results. Push the battery in until you start to see vapor forming in the chamber and then begin taking a long, slow draw. If you pull too hard/fast, the bud will cool off and you will get low quality vapor. If you pull too slowly, the air will stagnate and the temperature will rise to a point that the bud will combust. It is important to find a happy medium.

MAKER: Magic-FlightMagic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

DIMENSIONS: 2.5” length x 1.25” width X 0.9” height

WEIGHT: 5 OZ [2]


  • Small, discreet, portable
  • Multiple batteries mean you never run out of charge
  • Power adapter revolutionizes the use of the MFLB
  • Conservative and efficient
  • Fantastic customer service if you don’t buy a clone
  • Lifetime warranty on genuine MFLB’s


  • Difficult to explain how to use it to other people
  • Too few batteries means running out of charge quickly
  • Batteries do eventually die permanently
  • Prone to burning bud if you’re not careful
  • Smells like burnt popcorn and bud if you take large rips

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PRICE: $119 (on GrizzlyVapes)


While the price of the MFLB may not seem to make sense for the actual product, a small box made of wood with some metal and a mesh screen in it, what really makes the price worth it is the lifetime, no questions asked warranty you get with Magic Flight. No kidding, they will replace your device, no questions asked, if it ceases to function. They have already done it once for me. I also highly recommend you purchase the power adapter with the MFLB, which pretty much turns the device into a desktop vape.