With the rise of the legal marijuana landscape in the U.S., cannabis-infused edibles businesses are suddenly and surprisingly booming. With so much competition, edibles producers are starting to have to get pretty creative when it comes to setting themselves apart from the rest of the edibles pack. As a result, some seriously crazy edibles names have graced the marketplace. Here are 7 of our favorites:

1. Goodness Gracious Great Ganja Goo Balls

According to the Reddit user u/OldHippie, these will get you to an [11].
According to the Reddit user u/OldHippie, these will get you to an [11].
Long name…amazing results.

Redditor u/OldHippie gives an incredible take on his experience with these crazy edibles at the 30th anniversary of the ‘summer of love’ festival in San Francisco. Passages include flying shotgun with fighter jets passing overhead, and the utter terror of your kids suspecting you are high. Read the entire story here.

The story does not include how to create such great balls of ganja goo, but this recipe is close (and will certainly still get you toasted).

2. Weetos, Cannabis Toast Crunch, & Froot Poofs

These crazy edibles have some serious production value!
These crazy edibles have some serious production value!

Officers down in Louisiana were pretty happy with themselves after raiding a hotel party and finding cannabis edibles that mimiced common food items. When officers arrived to the hotel room in question, they found these surprisingly high-production value edibles products along with over 50g of flower. Not a good look in a non-legal state.

3. Whacky Tobaccy Taffy

This (very laughy) taffy is also gluten free!
This (very laughy) taffy is also gluten free!

For all you sweets lovers out there, here’s a little something for you to chew on (pun intended). This righteous recipe created by beloved and famed cannabis cook ‘Watermelon’s Kitchen’ will send you off faster than other crazy edibles. You see, because you suck and chew and gnaw on taffy, the contained THC enters your blood stream through your saliva. This is one of the fastest ways to reach the bloodstream.

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BONUS: Gluten free!

4. Cambodian Happy Pizza

Only one place to find this edibles-unicorn…Cambodia.

Yet another submission from a satisfied Redditor. u/preciselyrandm shared his experience with this Southeast Asian delight in the very city which bares its name to the dish. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve the momentous high of a CHP is to find a participating location in Cambodia. The recipe is purposefully kept secret. You can still slobber over the picture of the very pie that got them high above, though.

5. Baked Apple Crisp

 There's 275mg in just one 8oz portion of pie! Courtesy: Twirling Hippy Confections
There’s 275mg in just one 8oz portion of pie! Courtesy: Twirling Hippy Confections

Crazy? Maybe not. But this cannabis confection from Twirling Hippy Confections gets points for beautifully combining cannabis lingo with something so gosh darn American: (baked) Apple Pie! Bonus points for the company name, while we’re at it.

Medical patients can find this delicious delight in select Colorado Medical dispensaries. This personal piece of pie packs 275mg of THC into an 8oz portion, so is advised for medical use only. Not indulging could prove difficult with this American icon!

6. incredible’s Peanut Budda Buddha

Peanut Budda Buddha will get you laughing, too. Couresty: incredibles

It’s almost a sick game incredibles is playing, here. But in a good way. Attempting to say ‘peanut budda Buddha’ ten times fast is tough on its own. Add to it up to 200mg THC hash oil (for medical patients, 50mg rec) in each bar of delicious white chocolate and suddenly it becomes mission impossible. Without Tom Cruise, of course.

7. ‘Denver Berries’

They grow pretty wild in Colorado...
They grow pretty wild in Colorado…

Points for subtlety. For when you want to pop a pip of pot on the down low.

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In reality, these are simply the fruit gummy berries sold by an array of edibles manufacturers. Available both medically and recreationally, these Denver Berries/D.B. Coopers/Da’ Berrs/DenBerrs typically come 10mg per piece. Perfect for a pick-me-up from Denver to wherever your travels may take you!