Life as a modern stoner is awesome, really. Old stereotypes are broken down and most folks realize (or not) that potheads are everywhere; we’re normal and successful members of society. We blend in. You can’t even tell it’s us, but we’re everywhere. We can be tough to identify because we look just like everyone else. Here’s a few traits you may or may not have realized about yourself, the modern day stoner.

Modern day smokers are hard to pick out in a crowd, and it’s just the way we like it. We are teachers, lawyers, doctors. We don’t stink of weed smoke and we don’t think it’s ok to do so, because we are grown ups. We condone responsible use of cannabis!

They Appreciate Good Food

gourmet sandwich

One of the most significant traits of modern stoners is that they are careful about what they put into their body. I committed to a life with Mary Jane, and I want it to be a healthy, long life together. That means no shit munchie food. I get high and experiment in the kitchen, and produce organic, healthy meals. Cannabis lets me treat cooking like an artform, and I love eating good food. Don’t get me wrong, caramel popcorn calls my name too, I just make it myself.

They’re Passionate Bar and Budtenders (at Home)


I love pot. It’s my passion, and I take pride in my home cannabis collection. I make tinctures that I mix into cocktails and I have a selection of weed and ways to consume it on hand: a vaporizer, dab rigs, vape pen, pipes, a bong and a range of rolling papers. I love combining my tequila and Green Crack on a Friday night, that buzz…

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They Love Entertaining 420-Friendly Friends

friends sitting around a picnic table

Many modern potheads love to entertain other 420-friendly mates. I love sharing good cooking and cannabis-infused dishes with friends and family, some good bud, music and sunshine. I like to stimulate the conversation with some edible snacks early, and let everyone lower their inhibitions together.

They Are Introverts

man standing in the middle of the street

Ok, not everyone loves their time alone, but I do, and I know a lot of 420-friendly mates who love their time out from crowds and commitments. Potheads like me share traits like this and love spending time solo because time flies when you’re stoned! I read books and work out to get my alone time; a lot of modern stoners master video games or have other crafty hobbies. I get so much thinking done in my quiet time. Personally, I reckon that stoners are loners because they love the company of their high thoughts.

They Have a Regular Routine

organized desk

Modern potheads are prioritizers. It is important to have my shit in order now so I can get baked later! Cannabis is the perfect way to offset stress, and I make sure that everyday is an organized success because I want that sweet kushy reward when I clock off! Taking off my pants and lighting up a fat joint is truly precious to me after a long day working and I am proud of that.

They Have Great Taste in Music

new vinyl record

Mary Jane’s mates have always got a good groove. Modern stoners have great taste in music and serious encyclopedia-like knowledge on their genres or artists of choice. The sweet combination of Mary Jane and music is irresistible to most potheads with good reason too… Just try and resist “Who Let The Dogs Out”!

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They Like to Move Their Body


If potheads think work/life balance is important, then we place a huge focus on fitness. I want to get high a lot and that means taking care of my body. Modern stoners are not looking to drown their misery in a smoky haze, cannabis is a wellness tool that can be used to assist us with workouts, too!

They Love Being Silly

friends laughing outside

I’m a peaceful stoner, but I love to play like a kid and laugh. Cannabis keeps me young, slightly immature and giggling, and I prefer that to a hangover! With marijuana, I learned to Zentangle, I bought some fun coloring in books, and I’m becoming a master at offending people with Cards Against Humanity. Seriously, I’m an asshole.

They Prioritize Overall Health and Wellness

silhouette of happy woman

This is one of the traits that is helping us to bust through stigma and stereotypes. Cannabis users prioritize their well-being and realize how stress can harm productivity. Marijuana can be used in many ways to complement a healthy lifestyle, and I incorporate tinctures, balms, edibles and coconut cannabis oil into my life daily. Modern stoners are juicing raw cannabis for the benefits of THC-A, while others are microdosing regularly to treat ailments externally and internally. Cannabis is versatile to use and doesn’t always equal getting high.