THC-induced anxiety is common. Have you ever had paranoid thoughts or unreasonable feelings after toking up? Have you ever sat mute after burning one down, dying to speak up, but terrified of what you might say? Anxiety is what freezes you in place at just the idea of mocking laughter from your friends or stuffed toys, and it can negatively affect your high times, your lifestyle, and your mental health.

If you have experienced anxiety from getting high and want to know how to counteract and manage anxious thoughts and feelings, read on. It is important that you take responsibility for your own health and remember that this article is based on the author’s own experiences; yours may be completely different.

Avoid High THC

High THC strains are more likely to induce paranoia and anxiety. Image:

Cannabis strains that are high in THC are more likely to induce anxiety than those low in THC. How THC causes anxiety isn’t fully understood, however high-THC strains are more likely to produce discomfort in individuals susceptible to anxiety. Many people search for the highest-THC strains expecting them to induce a ‘higher high,’ but this is not always the case. THC content does not necessarily dictate just how high you get. Terpenes and other cannabinoids also effect your high!

Dab in Moderation

Concentrates contain high levels of THC. Image:

Dabbing is sure to cause some anxious feelings if you are accustomed to paranoid thoughts from smoking or vaping bud. Concentrated forms of cannabis contain a much, much higher percentage of THC, and they are worth avoiding if you are struggling to manage anxiety, whether it is caused by cannabis use or not.

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Look for CBD Strains

Medical marijuana can contain CBD, which counteracts anxious thoughts. Image:

CBD is a cannabinoid that does not have any psychoactive or ‘high’ effect, but it is produced by the marijuana plant and used for thousands of medical applications, including the treatment of anxiety and depression. While THC is often the cause of paranoia and anxious thoughts, CBD can directly counteract those feelings. CBD strains are often grown with THC content, so search for strains that contain both CBD and THC if you’re looking to catch a paranoia-free buzz.

Stick to Indicas over Sativas

Stick to relaxing indicas if you are experiencing anxiety. Image:

Indica strains are known to induce a relaxed body high, and are often used to counteract insomnia and muscle soreness. The heavy body high of an indica strain is less likely to induce anxiety than a sativa strain. Sativas are known for their stimulating effects and their brain-high, and are not recommended for us if you are sensitive to THC-induced anxiety. Stick to indicas or hybrids. Some good strains for anxiety can be found here.

Good Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Taking a walk can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and paranoia, take a few deep breaths! Image:

If you have fallen victim to cannabis-induced anxiety before, but you continue to smoke or get high, there are a few strategies you can employ to reduce the anxiety you experience. Meditation, mindfulness, exercise are top of the list! Any strategies employed to manage general anxiety should help. Medication is an option, though it might be best to reduce THC consumption first and monitor how you feel.

Keep CBD Handy

Keep CBD capsules handy to battle anxiety. Image:

Reducing anxiety caused by over-consumption of THC is simple if you have a supply of CBD products or flower available to you. CBD capsules are a perfect way to lower anxiety without affecting your high, and there are many additional health benefits to ingesting CBD. CBD can be eaten, smoked, vaporized, or consumed just like any other cannabis and it has the opposite effect to THC when consumed.

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