Dabs are quickly becoming the cream of the crop in regards to marijuana products. Almost everyone that tries them loves the way they make them feel, and they can last you about as long as (if not longer than) an eighth of flower. Celebrities have come out for them as well as many other prominent marijuana advocates. So what’s all the hype about? Not only do they smell amazing, but they taste even better. Meanwhile the high is like something out of a fairy tale for most stoners. So with all the hype around it there’s bound to be many people wondering just what it is and how they can get started. Learning how to dab is easy, and here are some tips to help make your first dab experience amazing!

Dabs sound cool, but what are they?

A dab is nothing more than a little lump of concentrated THC extracted from the dried marijuana plant. How good or bad a dab can be all depends on which extraction process is used and how well the process itself was performed, though there are different types of concentrates in and of themselves. Each type and each strain will give you a little bit of a different high much like if you were smoking bowls, but on a whole other level.

Different types of concentrates:


how to dab

This type of concentrate is created from oils that have yet to lose their transparency even after extraction. The molecules in wax actually crystallize in the production process to give it this quality. The consistency can vary depending on quite a few things, but the runnier variants tend to be known as “budder” while the more put-together variants tend to be called “crumble.”

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how to dab
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Generally amber to translucent in color these have a reputation for being the cleanest type of concentrate around. This is the only type of concentrate that looks like a sheet of beautiful glass after it’s made, and is generally solid. Do not let anyone ever tell you that color is a sign of quality, but also understand the difference between a homebrew and dispensary quality.

Live Resin

how to dab
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While live resin generally does look like wax, it’s got something a little more added on to it. The extraction process for this type of concentrate was performed on a plant that hadn’t yet been dried or cured. Many users say there’s something in the flavor of these types of dabs that’s lost when you dry the weed, so they’re quickly becoming the most popular form of concentrate around.

What else do I need to get started?

If you want to get started in the dabbing world, you’ll first need to get yourself a rig. This is generally a bong-like device with a titanium or quartz nail for the dabs themselves, but there are many other devices you can use to take a dab as well.

Standard Rig

how to dab

Nectar Collector

how to dab
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how to dab
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There’s also some e-nails coming out to keep the nail at a standard temperature throughout your dab session as well, so keep on the lookout for the latest and greatest!

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Now Take Your Dab!