Celebrated minds such as Walden, Emerson, and Thoreau once explored great universal truths. Transcendental realities that transcended place and time.

These 5 things every cannabis user says…are not quite transcendental.

But if you have ever been in a smoke circle – participating or otherwise – you’ve most likely said these phrases. It may not be universal(ly legal) yet, but these 5 things every cannabis user says are at least something all cannabis users can relate to!

1. ‘ere

‘ere you go…

Usually an instructive remark to the next person in the circle not paying attention to the joint coming their way by the person previous who has yet to exhale their hit. Some older ENTs might tell you it was the most used word back in the ’60’s, but it’s popularity has never decreased, even to this day.

‘Ere’s to you!

2. Ahhhhh….

So relaxing…

Scientific studies showing the medicinal benefits of cannabis are being published all the time. If you’ve ever used cannabis – medicinally or recreationally – you probably agree with the findings.

3. ‘Fire’

If it’s fire, light it on fire!

n. – Top shelf cannabis. The stickiest of the icky.

‘This Gorilla Glue #4 is straight fire!”

4. Four twenty

Can you have a love / hate relationship with a number?

Love it or hate it, if you’ve ever indulged, it’s come up in (stoned) conversation.

5. Indica or Sativa?

Indica or Sativa? Hmm…

The difference between the two types of recreational cannabis is noticeable…if you are a regular cannabis user. To the occasional cannabis user, the answer to this question is simply “Yes!”

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