People use cannabis for many different reasons. Perhaps the most common reason
is for recreational purposes. Smoking weed and getting high is a lot of fun, but there
is one caveat. The caveat is that as you get high, so does your tolerance. When you
first start smoking, uncontrollable laughter would usually ensue after just a couple
small hits.

If you consume every day, it takes more and more to get that same high.
So basically the minimum effective dosage increases over time. In order to ensure
your tolerance doesn’t get sky high, it is important to consider taking periodic
tolerance breaks. With summer on the horizon, here are 3 reasons to take a
tolerance break now.

Save Money


The best part about taking a tolerance break is all the money that you will save.
Since you no longer have to purchase your ganja, many other expenses become
more palatable. There are no shortages of music festivals, concerts, art galleries, and
fine dining to be enjoyed. Since you are saving money, you can splurge somewhere
else. So whether it’s a 2-day tolerance break or a 2-month break, no one can
complain about having a little extra money.

Munchy Reductions/Summer Bod


Summer is right around the corner and now may be the best time to shed those few
extra pounds from all those late night munchy escapades. A whole pint of ice cream
tastes undeniably better on cannabis, so taking a tolerance break can help you right
the ship just in time to show off your beach bod. Some people enjoy working out
high, others can benefit from more ambition. A tolerance break can help kick-start a
workout routine, or at the very least, help control those late night munchies.

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Challenge yourself


If you consume cannabis every day, challenge yourself to take a tolerance break. See
how long you can go. Go one day at a time. Reward yourself. It has been shown that
incremental progress can make a huge impact on positive behavior so challenge
yourself to take a break. Replace cannabis with another goal you’ve been putting off
and get after it. Once again, go one day at a time (or even one hour), and create a
system with positive reinforcement that is also too easy to fail. Challenge yourself
properly and reap the benefits, including a lower tolerance next time you indulge.