Everybody has good and bad days. Every single one of us. It can be hard to remember sometimes when we are struggling in our own way, but all humans have problems. It is part of the game of life; ultimately, we learn from those challenges and grow from those experiences. Sometimes a low point can last a few hours, sometimes it might last a few days or weeks.

Feeling depressed can be indicative of more serious mental health issues, but if you are feeling low and this is new for you, try adopting some healthy habits to help inspire you. If you suffer from depression or if you often feel blue or low, these tips might help you out too. Please remember to always seek medical care with your physician if you are feeling different to usual, whether it is physical or mental. This is general advice and is not meant to replace the professional advice of your Doctor.

Write A List

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Write a list of what you think makes you feel good when you feel bad. Some people include music, running, writing cards or letters, journaling, creating something, cooking, gardening, looking at animals, laughing, good company, good conversation, physical affection or meditating.

Try compiling your own list. Look around and think about the small things that bring you joy on a grey day. Do you have a favorite song to sing in the shower? Do you have a hike that always makes you smile? List those things! When you are having a bad day, see how many of those things you can fit in. You might only feel like getting out of bed and singing in the shower, but it’s better than not showering at all, right?

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Smash A Quick Workout


Everyone knows by now that working out is the first thing doctors recommend for depression. Exercise will get the endorphins flowing — head out for a brisk walk or set a goal to do 100 squats or burpees in a day. Smash them out ten at a time and they’re done in no time! Even ten minutes of raising your heart rate can improve the way you’re feeling. Get on YouTube and check out quick workouts to boost your energy and the like. There are plenty to choose from, so it is on you to make the time. Ten minutes. Ten minutes. Take a walk during your lunch break, seriously… you’ll feel better, somehow.

Take A Shower

A shower is what you make it: you might not be dirty, but your thoughts might not be helping your funk. Get in the shower and wash away some of those negative thoughts with some good tunes. If you’re not into music, jump in the shower and simply do things slowly. A shower be a meditative experience! Wash yourself calmly and tell yourself some positive affirmations. Be confident when you step out of the shower: you got this!

Switch Off Technology


Turn your phone off or store it in a drawer for a day. Take a day out of the house or without the cell phone nearby and enjoy your freedom. Spend a half hour in the evening dealing with the aftermath, and remove it from your presence again. A whole 23 ½ hours without your cell phone. It is surprising how not being involved in the lives of others can help you refocus your energy on yourself. Facebook, the news, whatever you browse at online, it can suck the life out of you sometimes. Living on your phone might just be suffocating you and might not realize.

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Try just one day without it to start and see how you feel. If this is not possible for you, adapt! You might want to limit the amount of time you spend each morning looking at your email or other websites. These suggestions are designed to get you thinking about how you might find them useful for you, so be creative and think outside the square. If you can take a weekend away from technology and that appeals to you, try it out. I assure you, if you think it feels good, chances are it will.