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Visiting family can be a trip, but it rarely feels like a vacation. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, handling the herb and your racist uncle is tricky business.

If you intend to bring a little weed along to help ease some of the chores and tasks you end up stuck with, there are some rules you should know. If you follow them, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught or offending anyone.. If your family is cool with it then you’ve got luck on your side and don’t need this guide, but I can’t stop you from reading.

What To Do When Visiting Family

Do: Smoke away from your home! Yes, you’re an adult and you’re out on your own now but they’re still your parents. Respect their home, and keep it out of the house. The best bet you’ve got would be while you’re out running errands or out in nature somewhere.

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Do: Pace yourself. Even if your family partakes on their own, don’t be the guy who gets fried on his grandmother’s couch. You can do that on your own time, when your Aunt isn’t there to take pictures and share them with her knitting group.

What To Avoid When Visiting Family

Don’t: Interrupt family activities. If you’re going to smoke at home, don’t do it right before a Sunday outing or in the middle of a reunion. We’re trying to break down the stereotypes, alright? If your family doesn’t approve of the herb, the last thing you want to do is sit down to Monopoly night at a 9.

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Don’t: Whatever you do, don’t try to force your habit on any of your family members. If you know they’re already biased against marijuana the only thing you’ll end up doing is hurting how you look like to them. There’s appropriate ways to do things like that — whipping out a joint in front of Ma’ isn’t one.

Just because you’re going home doesn’t mean you have to give up smoking weed, you’ve just got to be more conscious of what it is exactly you’re doing and where you’re at. Sure it can suck when you know your family isn’t the type to be understanding, but that’s what you’ve got weed for!