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There’s a right way and a wrong way to introduce another person to anything new in a social setting, and the same can be said for introducing someone to marijuana. Everyone remembers their first time smoking, whether good or bad, so it’s essential that seasoned tokers practice the proper sensitivity to ensure that the experience is a memorable and positive one for their budding bud-lover friends. With these simple etiquette rules, anyone that wants to smoke with you for their first time won’t end up regretting it.

What Not To Do When Introducing Someone To Marijuana

Don’t Pressure Them

One of the most common issues that first-time smokers have is the peer-pressure element, which is so common among teenagers. It must be said, however, that the more pressure you put on someone to smoke, the less likely they’ll be to actually want it. There’s no need to keep throwing it at someone when they’ll try it on their own time and according to their own wants. Not to mention that nobody likes a coercive, pressuring or overbearing friend! In short, follow this maxim: When they want to smoke, they’ll tell you.

Don’t Keep Them Smoking

If someone is brand new to smoking pot and has no idea what to expect yet, one of the worst things you could possibly do is to smoke them into oblivion. Sure, it’s fun for you because you have a lucid sense of marijuana’s effects and know fully what to expect. Your weed-virgin pal, however, doesn’t. If you set the pace beforehand—a moderate pace—then your pot initiate is more likely to find a comfortable, enjoyable high than if you go full space-man right from the jump.

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Don’t Make Fun of Them

Please, don’t make someone feel self-conscious the first time they dabble with greens. Yes, they’ll probably cough and say some silly things, but remember that you’re all there for a good time! When you’re introducing someone to marijuana, don’t make them feel shy or ignorant. The experience will be better for everyone if they feel comfortable and welcomed.

Things You SHOULD Do

Bring Snacks & Drinks

The munchies are a monster all on their own, and when you’re stoned for the first time you get your first true glimpse at what everyone means when they talk about it. If your plan is to stay inside or to go out somewhere in nature, just try to make sure there’s something to munch on and something else to clear up the inevitable cottonmouth—trust us on this one.

A jug of cold spring water is a staple, and you can’t go wrong with a fridge-fresh tallboy of Arizona iced tea. It’s best to avoid mixing weed and alcohol altogether for newbies—being cross-faded one’s first time smoking may not be the pleasantest of experiences. As for snacks, you might like to stock up on some chips (Munchos got their name for a reason!) and some candy, like chocolate (a mild euphoria always pairs well with a fine cannabis). Whatever your choices, make sure you’ve got everything ready beforehand—there’s nothing better than having some great snacks at hand for when the munchies hit, or a cold drink to assuage a bong-burned throat after your friend’s first few tokes.

Pick a Comfortable Setting

Unless you’re absolutely sure they’re up for an adventure, your friend’s first time should be somewhere they find most comfortable. If they love being outside, take them on a hike; if they prefer being indoors, then smoke at home — give them the option, and make sure to account for potential anxiety issues when you offer to smoke in any particular space.

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Keep it Relaxed

Weed is supposed to help you relax, so try not to make it a stressful experience for your friends! If you know there’s problems going on try to avoid them until a little later. Or, better yet, resolve them beforehand while anticipating future issues so you can get your historic sesh off to a calm, carefree start.

Throw on Some Tunes or a Film

You know how easy it is to space out after you smoke, so why not throw on a good movie or an album you enjoy for maximum sensory enjoyment?. You might even play some video games—just make sure there’s something that everyone can actively engage with. It’s almost impossible to hold a conversation when you first start smoking, so choose what you think is best for your friend in terms of his or her personality, interests and inclinations.

Knowledge is Power: EXPLAIN!

The importance of providing clear, thorough information to the novice smoker cannot be overstated. Don’t let your friend smoke without making sure that they understand cannabis’ effects and side-effects, like cottonmouth and the munchies. Failing to do so is one of the best ways to make someone “freak out” when they finally do smoke, which threatens to completely ruin the experience. Tell them what they should expect to feel, explain what’s going to happen in their head, and in general, try your best to ensure that they’re properly apprised of what weed is and what it feels like!