Being a parent does not mean giving up the good life forever. Parents around the world consume cannabis, for medical, recreational or religious reasons. You are entitled to have a good time, a happy life and a safe outlet. Don’t be ashamed, be responsible and be a wonderful parent because of it!

For Parents:

If you’re a Mama or Papa that likes to toke, take that seriously. As you are probably aware, you have little people watching and imitating your every move! Here’s a few suggestions on how to manage your cannabis consumption with kids in the house.

1. Parents need to prioritize


Those kids come first. If you are already a parent, you probably know this: kids won’t wait. They must come first, always. Feed them, bathe them, love them, then toke.

2. Parents must be responsible

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Be responsible with your use. If the kids are home, wait for an appropriate time to toke. If you have to leave the house, don’t smoke and drive. This is real life, be responsible.

3. Parents should plan Accordingly

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Know when not to smoke. Life with children can be chaotic, and there may be times where it is no longer ideal for you to be high or to duck off for a quick smoke. On days like these, it might be best to wait til the children are in bed!

4. Parents should educate themselves on laws and rights

Laws and Cannabis for Parents
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It is wise to educate yourself about the laws on cannabis where you live. While many states in the USA are legalizing, this does not apply everywhere. Be diligent and know what you are doing. Know your local laws, and keep up to date on changes to the law in your area.

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5. Parents should protect themselves and their family

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Safeguard your family. It is important to remember that cannabis is not legal worldwide… yet. This means some folks are forced to use ‘black market dealers’ when purchasing their bud. If you must buy from such a source, please be sure to protect your family. Do not rely on online services such as Craigslist to provide you with a safe and reliable weed connection. Discreetly ask your family and friends. Be safe.

6. Parents should be open and honest with loved ones

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Educate your family. If you’re the only toking parent, educate your partner about cannabis and discuss why you do it. Talk to your partner about how to educate your little people when they begin to ask questions. Check out

7. Parents must keep their stash locked up

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Hide your dope. Children can be anywhere and everywhere. Your weed needs to be hidden as if you are protecting it from the cast of Ocean’s 11. Use a lock and key. Keep your stash up high and out of reach. There are products on the market to keep medication and marijuana out of the hands of children ranging from lockable bags and pouches to lock boxes and safes. Invest in one!