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If you plan to get someone high for the first time, it can be exciting and a great bonding experience. After all, I think all of us wish we could relive our first experimentation with cannabis. However, don’t take this task lightly. It’s your responsibility to show them a good time while keeping them happy and safe. Taking these tips to heart will ensure that you and your friend will have a great time.

Look at you, being a good person and helping a friend out. If you plan to get someone high for the first time, you’ve taken on the hallowed tradition of being an ambassador for stoner culture and you’re joining in good company when you do so! Whether for medical reasons or because of recent legalization, there is certainly no shortage of individuals just beginning to experiment with cannabis.

Manage Expectations for First Time Tokers

People can experience intense feelings, from euphoria to paranoia the first time that they smoke up. It’s possible that first-time smokers will be worried and worked up about the entire situation. Managing their expectations and not building it up too much is a great way to ensure that things go smoothly. Adding extra pressure to the situation is just going to draw attention to them and cause more anxiety.

Creating a Warm, Positive Environment

Setting up a chill environment is one of the best ways to manage their anxiety, especially by making sure that they aren’t worried about what is going to happen the next day. Keep these factors in mind when deciding on a time and a place.

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Hectic Job first time smoking
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Everyone metabolizes weed a little bit differently, and for some people worrying about the next day can be a major problem. To minimize anxiety, book your sesh on a day when the first-timer has a full day to buffer before heading back to work or other responsibilities. Not necessarily because they’ll need a full day to recover, but because this way they won’t have to worry about it regardless.


When choosing a spot, consider the 5 senses and how you can minimize any stressful stimuli:


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You’ll want them to feel safe and comfortable, so go somewhere that has a couch for them to sprawl out on and no need to feel unsafe. If possible, choose a space that minimizes the chance of interaction with strangers, as this can be a daunting experience for some, especially if it’s their first time.


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Choose a location that isn’t too hectic and noisy, like an apartment on a chaotic city street. Keep options for activities open. Smoking up for the first time in a calm, rural area will allow for walks, exploring, and create a care-free environment where you can get in touch with nature!


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Sight is the most powerful sense, and thus shouldn’t be discounted when choosing a spot to get someone high for the first time. Whether it be some trippy artwork, funny videos, or some powerful scenery on your journey, keep it positive and inspiring.

Taste & Smell

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Cannabis enhances our senses of taste and smell a great deal, and getting the munchies is inevitable. When you’re preparing for your smoke sesh, it’s recommended that you plan out your dinner and snack plans in advance to avoid the difficult task of deciding what to eat while high. Keep it to a select few choices that are easy to prepare or order.

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Make their First Time a Learning Experience

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There are few greater tragedies than getting someone high for the first time but neglecting to teach them about what they’re doing – meeting a stoner that can’t roll a joint or fill a bong is a bizarre and pitiful situation for them to be in. It can be everything from teaching them how to get their own weed or explaining the differences between indica and sativa that make it a great experience.

This also means giving them an opportunity to learn things for themselves, including how weed affects them. Whether they are going to get the munchies, have a laughing fit, zone out, or just pass out. Give them the space to do their own thing while getting high, if they so choose, is going to be hugely appreciated by them.

Spot Them

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This is just common etiquette for this situation. Covering the price of their weed for the first time doesn’t mean that you have to put out your entire stash for them. A few hits of their first joint or bowl is more than reasonable for a first-timer. Spotting them for something like this is the polite thing to do, especially if they have a bad experience involving paranoia and panic attacks.

With these things in mind, it’s pretty easy to prepare everyone for a good night, and to take care of your new toking friends. When you do this kind of preparation to get someone high for the first time, you’re setting up for a relaxing night of fun that will allow them to fully enjoy the experience and have a blast.

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