NBA playoffs time ladies and gentlemen. That means a bunch of time at home in front of the television on computer, piece, bong, pipe or rig in hand. You have to stay sharp. Your focus is needed, especially if you’re not supporting the Warriors or the Spurs. You have to stay awake. NBA playoffs are about stamina and wondrous battles of great athletes, and sitting through the playoffs is similar for diehard fans. I am going to give you sportsfan stoners out there a bunch of ways to stay interested in the playoffs this season… at least until Steph Curry or Chris Paul is back in the game!

Insane Dabsketball Videos

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Get on Instagram and check out @dabsketballers for videos that will have you dropping your jaw and turning green with envy at the same time! These are videos of guys and gals tossing their dabs across the room onto a hot nail, and running to finish the dab. I can’t make it sound as cool as it really is, so visit their Instagram for the videos. Seriously, these videos are amazing-you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it type shots.

If you enjoy: basketball and massive three-point shots; sport in general; concentrates and dabbing, and maybe YouTube ‘coolest’ videos.

Edible Munchies

chicken pizza

You gotta do it. Either head over to this recipe for a quick fix, or set about your adventure early. Plan ahead! Are you into chocolate? Check these easter egg edibles out! If you are a vaporizer, keep your AVB (already vaped bud) and add it to some nachos. If you are into dabbing, collect your reclaim and consider these options for stretching out your fun. If you’re new to edibles, read this first. If you are wondering how to measure the dosage of THC in your homemade edibles, read this first.

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If you enjoy: being high and trying to figure out what the hell just happened on screen — even during a slow motion replay!

Get Your Gear On


Check out the ErrlyBird website and support your favorite team with some sexy merch. Ok, less sexy and more amusing really: choose from Dabaliers/Cavaliers, Golden Slab Warrior/Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Terps/San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Trimmers/Los Angeles Clippers… the list goes on. No one will even realize you are supporting your team with a cannabis-infused twist, the shirts and designs are that good! Also, if you’re truly sad to see Kobe go, support his legacy with an LA Bakers tee or hoodie. He’ll surely appreciate you getting baked in his honor.

If you enjoy: great t-shirts, subtle stoner references, Jay and Silent Bob films and getting baked as fuck watching the ball games.

Play Some Dabsketball


If you want to have a go at taking a dabsketball shot, Dabsketballers have quartz bangers with backboards. You can heat that shit up and run to the other side of the room; take your shot; HIT your shot from waaaaaaayyy downtown like one of the Splash Brothers, and celebrate with a new quartz banger for your rig! Get something with a backboard, looks like you’ll be going pro on those dabs from now on. That’d keep me entertained — and incredibly high — for a long time.

If you enjoy: DABBING. Winning, playing competitive sports, acting like a teenage boy and getting very high.

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Lego for Grown Ups (it holds your concentrates!)


Ok, I am a sucker for fun adult versions of kid things: Lego is a great example. I have been past the Lego aisles at Target at Christmas time, they are designed to suck you in like a black hole. For big kids, Budder Blocks are the perfect place to stash your concentrates while you’re keeping the playoffs real at home. You can stack your stash in them and build them up like budder cups. Heh. I remember watching the playoffs as a kid playing kid-sized Lego, so I love the adult version. Dabs and Lego with basketball? YEP!

If you enjoy: sport, Lego, being a big kid, acting childish, doing dabs, careful storage of your precious concentrates.