Making stash jars is like a right of passage for cannabis consumers; finding or making the perfect stash jar is important! A good stash jar will hide the smell of your bud, and will ensure your weed remains potent until you roll it up and get baked.

Why is Making Stash Jars Air-Tight Important?

A stash should keep your weed dry and safe. Mary Jane needs to be protected from extreme heat, humidity and light – weed is usually best kept in glass in a dark place, the temperature between 41F (5C) and 68F (20C). Keep the moisture low (less than 60-65%) to prevent mould. Smell is important too; a good stash jar is air-tight and will keep cannabis aromas contained.

Making Stash Jars Air-tight and Light-proof

1. Find the Perfect Jar for your Purposes

Making stash jars that are a reflection of your personality is simple. Look around the house: mason jars, pasta sauce jars, baby food jars, candle jars with lids… you likely have the perfect stash jar right under your nose. If not, visit a thrift store to find something that suits your needs!

making stash jars with glass
The perfect stash jar might already be in your house! If not, check out local thrift stores. Source:

making stash jars with an old candle jar
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2. Making Stash Jars Light-Proof

Once you have the perfect jar, decide how you will color it. Keep the light out to keep your cannabis’ flavor in! Check out glow in the dark, chalk, glitter, crackle effect and matte spray paints. Making stash jars with glass jars allow you to tint your jar with Modge Podge glue, paint, ribbon, or even glitter. If you are short on time or creativity, try inserting a cylinder of colored/decorated construction paper or gift paper inside the jar or container to make it light proof. Try matte paint or ceramic paint for a beautifully finished look!

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Making Stash Jars with spray paint
Try matte sprays or acrylics to coat your jar and to keep the light out. Source:

3. Making Stash Jars Look Amazing

After you have painted and tinted your stash jar, things get exciting – decorating! Toke up and research. Distress the paint back from a painted jar to reveal a tint underneath, stencil an image onto the jar, or dip it in glitter! Add as many layers as you want. Get creative! Use spray paints, paint brushes, papier mache; check online for more ideas.

4. Refine Your Stash Jar Swagger

Once you are happy with your ‘base’, you can really work on the detail on your stash jar. Some ideas to inspire you:

  • Use lace or ribbon as a stencil and spray paint over it or custom-make a small stencil.
  • Etch an image or word into the paint on the jar.
  • Take a trip to the dollar and craft stores for buttons, small figurines, hair and nail accessories (good for bling) and other small items that can be affixed to the stash jar the lid using a hot glue gun. You can spray paint these too!
  • Decorate your lid. You can spray paint it; cover it in fabric; or add a small figurine and decorations to the top. Paint it with chalk paint and write the strain name on it!

making a stash jar with chalkboard paint
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Things to Remember:

  • Look for something glass: glass is a true barrier to air. Plastic is porous and will absorb your delicious terps, resulting in a less tasty high.
  • Look for something air tight. That fire bud must be contained completely to retain potency, smell and flavor.
  • Consider painting your stash jars with a dark or opaque paint to prevent light from penetrating and damaging your pot.

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