Pot brownies in the 60s and 70s were usually made by just tossing weed into a recipe. It was basic, unrefined, and it was hit or miss if you were going to catch a high. We now know decarboxylating is an essential step in making marijuana edibles, and as a result, we can achieve a very strong and sometimes overwhelming high.

marijuana edibles
Don’t over do it on brownies, start slow… Source: pixabay.com

You or someone you know may have had an intense experience after ingesting marijuana edibles… almost everyone has heard one of these horror stories. Don’t let that put you off: while edibles can be quite different than smoking or vaping, the high is wonderful and intriguing. It is very easy to accidentally overdo it and take too much, so please take a moment to educate yourself on the basics of edibles. You won’t regret it!

Ingesting Marijuana Edibles is a Different High

Smoking and eating cannabis are very different experiences, be sure to choose what is best for you. When cannabis is smoked, the effect is felt immediately afterwards, and can last up to 6 hours. When cannabis is ingested, the effects can take 2 hours to take effect! This gradually creeps up, and can often take a new user by surprise! The high you get from edibles lasts much longer, sometimes up to 10 hours. If you are going to indulge in edibles, be sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your buzz!

Smoking Marijuana
Don’t overdo it, edibles provide a different high to smoking or vaping cannabis. Source: pixabay.com

If You’re A Beginner with Marijuana Edibles

If it is your first time with edibles, here are a few essential tips:

  • Enjoy a meal before you consume the edibles. The effect will be less likely to wipe you out!
  • Start small. 10-20mg is considered a single dose in most legal states. Many people can find this too strong. Do not hesitate to try just a half (or a quarter) a cookie or brownie, or to start with 3-5mg. Most beginners can feel the effect of a dose this size without it overwhelming them! The goal is to eventually find the ‘perfect’ dosage for you.
  • Take it easy. Edibles can take two or more hours to kick in. Usually after 60-90 minutes you will start to feel something, often a tingling in the body. Always wait two hours after your edible to assess how you feel. Do not eat more, that is how so many people have plain horrible experiences!
  • Alcohol free is best. Mixing alcohol and cannabis can enhance the effects of both substances, so please be very careful if you choose to indulge in both. Drink plenty of water!
  • Be with your people. Often THC can heighten your original/current mood, so be sure that you are comfortable and with responsible friends when you are trying edibles for the first time.
  • Do not operate machinery. Please do not drive after consuming edibles, you might get hurt. That will ruin your wonderful high!

Passed out drunk
Do not drink alcohol while trying edibles for the first time. Alcohol increases the effect of the psychoactive THC. Source: pixabay.com

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If You Overdo It with Marijuana Edibles

It happens, unfortunately! While too much pot can’t kill you, it can make for an uncomfortable experience. Try these tactics to minimize an intense high:

  • Drink water. Don’t guzzle it though, just drink it!
  • Eat some sugar, like fruit or candy.
  • Have a shower to refresh and refocus.
  • Take a walk. If your brain won’t let you relax, use some of that nervous energy and get outside for some exercise. It will distract you and invigorate you. If you’re feeling unwell however, stay where you are.
  • CBD capsules can help with the anxiety from too much THC.

Things You Should Know About Marijuana Edibles

  • Metabolism, weight, the type of lifestyle you live and the kind of food you eat can all play into how edibles affect you. Be mindful of these things; if you are small, if you work out a lot, if you do not eat enough food.
  • Fatty foods and mango can increase the effect of the edibles you have consumed, so if things are feeling pretty good, stick to sugary munchies!
  • If you consumed edibles later in the day, you might have some issues waking up and thinking clearly the next morning. Be cautious if you have work or need to drive.