Everyone wants to learn and read about cannabis in 2016.

Cannabis has appeared in the media throughout the year (and it is only June) over and over again: Charlotte’s Web CBD strain, medical marijuana and advances being made in the medical industry, the recreational legalization across the United States, the boom of cannabis industry events, publications and networking… whatever your opinion on cannabis, it is being talked about, all the time.

Cannabis is hot business, and if you are looking to promote your cannabis blog, we have some quick tips on how to get your name and message out there to other cannabis enthusiasts effectively and practically.

Make It Read Like A Cannabis Blog

Don’t try to make your blog something it’s not.

Cannabis is a popular topic, and cannabis enthusiasts around the world come from all walks of life. You need to ensure that you can write before you commit to investing your time into a cannabis-infused blog.

Cannabis is a serious industry and it takes determination to succeed in such a popular market. Ensuring that the content you produce is BETTER than anyone else, is key.

Always Be Consistent

If you are looking to solidly promote your cannabis blog to readers and enthusiasts, whether it is product or information-based, growing traffic to your blog can be easy if you can work on being consistent. Focus your attention on a topic and make that your niche. Become a specialist. Be known for writing about what you know.

The more you content you can produce, the greater the chance someone will see and love what you are doing, and link their work to your work.

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Be consistent, and produce great content.

Focus Attention on Promoting Your Cannabis Blog

You might have a blog that has surprisingly evolved into a cannabis-focused blog — remember that keeping a game plan is important. Many people create a blog and write about all kinds of topics and ideas that they have. Unfortunately, while producing a lot of content is great, it is more difficult to be taken seriously if it appears that you are not focused on your niche. Do not spread yourself across too many topics or ideas; stick to your cannabis blog and write about cannabis-relevant topics.

Know Your Niche: Cannabis Blog Style

It can be hard to select a successful topic or idea for which your cannabis blog to focus. Finding your niche takes time, research, and trial and error. Don’t worry about those things as long as you are able to produce content. Keeping your blog fresh and full of awesome content is important, but equally important is finding the content that people WANT from YOU.

Create content that people want to read. Research your past blog posts and investigate what types of posts or topics produced good or great results in the past. Use that information and make it advantageous to your cannabis blog!

Keywords Are… Key To Success

Get started sooner rather than later: SEO is what drives people from a search engine result list to YOUR blog or website.

Do some serious research into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and buy reference books.

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seo arrow
SEO is an incredible tool to get people reading your blog.

Surround yourself with information that is going to help you gain fans, followers, readers and advocates of what you do. That means learning to optimize your blog posts for Google and other search engines.

You can learn via an online tutorial on Youtube, you can buy a book, but please, do yourself a massive favor and learn a little about SEO. It will boost your posts from unread to popular and thriving if you can learn the art.

Brainstorm Ideas With Everyone

Use social networking to market your cannabis blog effectively.

Do you have trusted friends that are experienced in business? Chat to them about their experiences marketing themselves early on.

Brainstorming with a group or even just a couple other folks (whether in your business or not) can produce incredible results. Bringing a group together to talk and riff on a business topic, article ideas, or the future of your blog and content can be helpful to you in ways you just can not experience without doing so!

Use the people around you for the help you need: ask friends to read your work and offer feedback. Be sure you can handle the honesty though — feedback is useless otherwise! Also, another perspective on a topic goes a long way when it comes to producing interesting content.

Get A Reaction

If you work hard at producing incredible content for your readers and you work to market your blog or business, you should be able to work on a creating a call to action from your followers.

audience cheering
Give your audience a call to action to increase online reputation.

At the end of an important post, ask readers to comment below. Ask readers to share this information with people they think might need the answers you have! Ask people to take action, and they will! You can also work on searching for other businesses or bloggers that you know will share your articles. Approach them on social media, or via email, and work together to promote your cannabis blog.

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Community Creates Cannabis Industry Strength

As someone invested in cannabis on a personal and professional level, I can personally attest to the importance of community in this growing industry. Making connections, keeping your word, following through on commitments (whether verbal or not), building genuine rapport and working to create an authentic, strong and reliable cannabis community are all part of building your cannabis blog and it’s readership.

Cannabis Blog Cross-Promotion

promote your cannabis blog
Promote your cannabis blog through social media.

Put in the hard work with social media accounts, regardless of whether your prefer Twitter, Facebook (a little cannabis-unfriendly), MassRoots, Instragram, Snapchat or another format: social media is the best way to grow your following in your spare time.

Post photos to Insta, videos to Snapchat, and entertain your followers while you are living your day to day life. Stacks of Instagram celebrities initially found their success on Tumblr blogs and built their readership from there.