Now that cannabis is being legalized around the world, don’t we all want to live forever? I have compiled a list of ten life hacks that are going to extend your time on Planet Earth. Ten tips on living a longer life! They might seem obvious or even tedious, but ‘having your shit together’ can be a foreign concept for some of us. Some folks need a list to kickstart their motivation. If that sounds like you, take this list as a starting point and consider what you need to focus your attention on. If you like the idea of living forever, start with this ten point plan of life hacks for a longer life.

Drink loads of water

You are about 60% water, but if that is not reason enough to keep yourself well hydrated, consider that water clears the skin, helps your kidneys, can assist a hangover, plumps out your wrinkles, keeps digestion flowing and assists fatigue. Do your best to take in as much as possible throughout the day: a cold glass of water can help wake you up in the morning and is certainly better for you than caffeine!

Forget age

Honestly, counting how many years you have been on this planet is kind of pointless. Who do we give our score to? No one is counting, but we are all counting birthdays. If you can forget the number of years you’ve been around, you might need to consult a Dr., but if you can work towards just staying focused on yourself each day, things will unfold happily around you. Why wait until you have a health scare? Take care of yourself daily, forget your age. Take care of yourself instead.

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Make time for people you care about

Staying in touch with loved ones is important. People are important, no matter how difficult it can be to keep in touch sometimes. All relationships go through highs and lows, but maintaining friendships through cards or postcards is easy and doesn’t take much time at all. Otherwise, socialize! Spend time with family and friends, invest in your friendships and make them lifelong, lasting and dear. If you live far from your family or friends, Facetime and Skype your pals regularly for a sesh or for a glass of wine. Stay in touch — it makes everyone feel good.

Prioritize what you do each day

Long term care for your health means prioritizing the small details. The food you put in your body, sleep, water, exercising, all the daily stuff we manage. Keep a small list of things that you know require your attention each day. This list will evolve over time, but it is helpful to have a visual guide each day to help you keep priorities in order. This means considering things like the amount of alcohol you consume, the amount of pot you consume, late nights, stress from overwork, neglecting family members or problems.

Sleep enough

Get enough rest. Sleep. Don’t overdo it and stay in bed the whole day regularly, but if your body and brain are telling you they are tired, heed their warning. Sleep in. Get that extra nap in if you need to. Quit feeling guilty about resting when you need it, especially when you are sick. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Most people know how much sleep they need to feel good — make it a point to get enough sleep.

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Lower stress levels


It might sound easy but I know that it isn’t. In order to reduce my stress levels, I left my corporate career and moved to a different continent. Not everyone needs to take drastic measures like I did, but taking note of what causes your stress levels to increase is important. Share these things with your partner or a friend, talk about them. Just chatting about your stresses can ease the tension you might be feeling a bit.

Be physically active, stretch and nurture problem areas

Everyone knows exercise is essential to living a long life, but regular exercise helps with mental health and nurturing the sore parts of your body can be rewarding. I regularly foam roll, I stretch and I lay on the floor on a yoga matt groaning and moving around. It FEELS good to do it and I know it helps my body. Find some stretching routines on YouTube that will target the areas you feel soreness.

Go barefoot

Just take off your shoes and go barefoot. Be natural. Walk in the dirt. The grass, the sand, the water, the puddles, the snow, whatever. Just do it when you feel like you need grounding. It might sound like a hippie idea, but getting in touch with Mother Earth and putting your feet in the dirt will help you connect to yourself and may help you gain an appreciation for where we are. We should all be grateful for that!

Read more, watch less TV

Read words and stimulate your brain with education rather than switching off your brain and turning on the TV or iPad. Limit the time you spend aimlessly reading the internet or news online, and try to read a little each day. A real life book made of paper. Old school huh? Reading stimulates the brain and taking some time out from technology is sure to improve the length of your life. Another cute cat GIF won’t be missed!

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Have fun and laugh


It seems as though sometimes we forget that this important. Not just as individuals, but laughing is good for the human race. Laughter is light, fresh, fun and keeps everyone smiling. Laughter is music, it is a way to connect without common languages. Make life fun, act silly, be playful and always laugh with your loved ones. Interact with strangers and give them a fun compliment, surprise someone! Bringing a smile to someone’s face is a joy and will surely make you smile too!