Enjoying everything that cannabis has to offer can come with one of the same downsides of smoking anything else — the smell. Being a stinky smoker sucks for everyone, even the stinky smoker him or herself. It often seems like no matter what you do you’ll end up reeking like you just walked out of a hot box, but there are a few tips and tricks most long-time stoners may already know that will help alleviate that problem — just like red-eyes! By the way, we love the smell of cannabis at Cannahacker! There is nothing sweeter than the scent of a beautiful cannabis flower. Unfortunately, smelling of smoke (cannabis or otherwise) is not appropriate at some times. Use our tips to help you avoid being the stinky smoker!

Sweaters and Smoking Jackets

stinky smoker
Find yourself a ‘smoking jacket’ or sweater and use it only for smoking in. Wash it often too.

If there’s one tip you should probably follow when you’re looking to avoid being the stinky smoker, it’s to set aside a particular sweater or jacket to throw on specifically for smoking. Seriously, it’ll reek if you don’t wash it but will be the only thing to smell like the ganj; unless you smoke more than the average bear. If that’s the case…

“Smoking” Clothes for the Stinky Smoker


Smoking more than every once in awhile means it is highly likely you carry a cannabis-infused scent, and everyone knows it. Sorry to burst your secret agent bubble, but it’s true and deep down you already knew that to begin with; but what can you do? Seriously, if the need for discretion is high (pardon that intention pun), use a separate outfit to smoke in. It’s a pain in the ass yes, but if you need to retain a persona it could be a lifesaver.

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Dryer Sheets for a Stinky Smoker

One of the more common tricks to avoid being the stinky smoker is to keep some dryer sheets in your pockets and on your person. This tip does work a little better for those that smoke inside, as their clothes are more likely to carry that signature smell; so if that happens and you need to smell fresh for some special occasion or another, any dryer sheet will work! Then you won’t have to hear Grandma rant about the Devil’s cabbage, or her Alaskan Thunderfuck.

Febreeze… Cologne… Perfume…

stinky smoker
Would you rather smell like the pub or like a stinky smoker?

Got some spare clothes and you’re still worried about the scent lingering? Throw on a little perfume or cologne, or if you are feeling slightly paranoid (lay off the THC next time) you could even use a little Febreeze. This one is fairly self explanatory — cover the smell with a better one! There are air fresheners out there that are designed to create a neutral smell. These work better as destroying a stinky smoker smell than masking the smoke with a stronger, more offensive smell.

Stinky Smokers Smoke Outside

hiking high
Go on a long walk with yourself and your thoughts! Image: pexels.com

If you can, you should always smoke outside. For one thing, you get to enjoy nature while you enjoy a bit of ‘nature’, and for another, the smoke can’t get trapped around you when the wind is blowing it away. This is one of the most valuable little tips you could ever learn, and it’s pretty basic. Two-fer! Take a long walk and find somewhere discreet to toke, or create a smoking area outside your home to blaze up. Remember, in most states it is required that you consume cannabis on private property.

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Stinky Smokers Can Smoke Less Joints

Don’t hate me for this, but you have to know that smoking joints is one of the smelliest way you could smoke. The other is smoking bongs and dousing yourself in filthy bong water. Smoking smells, it stinks and even smokers don’t really love the taste and flavor of it. If you’re worried about smell then you should really look into getting a vaporizer or a smaller piece instead, because there’s just no way to smoke a joint and not be a stinky smoker. Many people enjoy the high they receive from vaporizers, they’ll make your stash last longer too. Other options for consuming cannabis without stinky smoke includes trying edibles, tinctures, vape pens or dabbling with concentrates.

Hot Tip: Smoking joints, bowls and bongs is the least effective way to consume THC. A large portion of THC is burnt off when you smoke. A vaporizer will ensure you are not a stinky smoker, and you will retain and consume more THC in your flower.