Did you know that the oldest known origin we know of for beer comes from a 3,900-year-old Sumerian poem, outlining a recipe for the drink? When something has been around for thousands of years people generally tend to grow away from it, because our ancestors were largely ignorant — but every once in a while they got something right!

Beer is one of those drinks that can be consumed for a variety of different tasks and activities, it’s also much easier to judge your intake on than shots, and it’s also consumed for the variety of flavors each bottle brings to the table. If you enjoy the taste of a good beer, as well as the taste of some good weed, then you need to consider pairing. You don’t want to drown the flavors of either the beer or the weed out with the other, but you want to be able to taste them both. These five beers each pair well with the flavors you get from a fresh bowl, so get your pinkies out and prepare to feel fancy!

Dragon’s Milk – New Holland Brewing

This delicious Imperial Stout has a roasted malt and deep vanilla flavor with some undertones from the oak barrels they were stored in, making it a perfect pairing for quite a few strains in the indica family. If the strain you’re smoking has an earthy, almost sweet taste to it then this is a phenomenal beer to pair it up with!

A Hopwork Orange – Blue Mountain Brewery

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A Hopwork Orange is a beautiful IPA is both hoppy and citrus-y, two great traits for an India Pale Ale to have. With orange undertones in the color itself, this beer is paired best with strains featuring a bit of spice to them! Remember that the point isn’t to pick two that taste the same, it’s to match complimentary flavors, and citrus will always go well with spice.

Toast (Slightly Burnt) – Moonlight Brewing Company

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If you’re more a fan of the amber/red lagers then look no further than Toast (Slightly Burnt) from Moonlight Brewing Company. The caramel and citrus flavorings present in the beer are only made better by the smooth, medium body and the crispness of the carbonation. It’s a perfect beer for those “spicy” strains that also have a very herbal taste as well. It’s the best combo you could possibly ask for during the winter.

Baba Black Lager – Uinta’s Brewing

Are you a fan of those nutty strains more than anything else? You really need to smoke a little bit of one of those while you’re sipping down a Baba Black Lager! It’s got an amazing taste to it; with hints of cocoa, fruit, molasses and even chicory combined and separated all at once, pairing perfectly with many an indica, but the best part is that at only 4% ABV you can enjoy the combo without knocking yourself out in the process!

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale – Half Acre Brewing

Want something to pair with those cheesy strains you’ve got stashed for after a long day? This is one of the best Pale Ale’s you could mix with it. The delicious citrus taste is made better by a hit of grapefruit, giving it that perfect amount of crispness to complement your “cheese.”

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