Calling itself “The Social High™”, Weedshare looks like a cross between Facebook and Yelp for cannabis enthusiasts. You can befriend and communicate with people online, and review strains, dispensaries, and events. Hints from the promotional material that Weedshare has thrown up on their website suggest that, just like the early, heady days of Facebook, its going to be used for more than simply finding someone to light up with.

A couple of potential users on Weedshare’s Facebook page have voiced a salient issue with the model that is being proposed. One user answered the question of why haven’t they signed up yet with “dontwanttobeonalist @”. Even with polls suggesting widespread acceptance of the legalization of cannaboids, many users are concerned that they’ll be facing discrimination or hurting their job prospects by posting such information about their usage so publicly.

The social media system of their app will be able to access the Leafly strain data directly through it. The two systems are going to be tied together closely, making them work hand in hand.

The current team at Weedshare is five people putting together a social media network. It is not apparent how, at this time, the company is going to achieve profitability. For some, this lack of apparent monetization may raise concerns, especially considering how some other social media companies have struggled with this

Having already raised $100,000 in start-up capital, they appear to be in a good position to develop their company. The company has been successful in their social media campaign, but has not had significant news coverage thus far. When their platform launches, it will be interesting to see how this will go.

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So, CannaHackers, is this something that interests you? Or are you hesitant to post on social media about your relationship with cannabis? Let us know!