Glass can be shaped and molded into a all kinds of different bongs. With designs ranging from regular beaker-style bongs to double-percolators with an ash-catcher, you’re bound to find a bong that suits your habits and preferences. Here is a list of some of the styles glass bongs can come in.

1. Standard Bongs

glass bong

Regular glass bongs are as simple as they come. It consists of a slide, downstem, base, tube, and mouthpiece. Some even come with ice pinches so you can cool down the smoke even more. You just fill the base with water past the slits in the downstem, pack a bowl and you should be good to go.

2.Percolator Bong


A Percolator Bong is a bong that cools your smoke in multiple compartments filled with water. There are many different types of percolators, but the main purpose behind all of them is to break the smoke up into smaller particles to create more surface area. More surface area creates a cooler smoke, which in turn creates a smoother hit. When you first begin taking a hit, the smokes travels down the downstem and into the water, only to enter more water in the the percolator and then begin filling up the main chamber for you to clear. Some pieces even come with multiple percs for a much smoother and enjoyable rip.

3.Gravity Bong

gravity bong

Gravity bongs are great for producing massive clouds of smoke and getting you heavily medicated. A gravity bong is typically a homemade device created by filling a larger container with water, and submerging most of the top half of a bottle with a cannabis bowl inserted into the cap. You light the bud in the bowl and slowly pull the bottle upwards, creating a vacuum in the smaller bottle due to the water trying to fall out of the bottom. This will fill the smaller bottle up with smoke, and then you can take off the bowl/cap and inhale while you push the bottle down. Pushing back down isn’t necessary, but creates a shot-gun like effect that some experiences smokers enjoy.

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4. Fritted Disc Bong

Fritted Disc Bong

So, technically this a type of percolator bong, but I love this bong so much that I put it in its own category. A fritted disc is a disc that is made up of tiny shards of glass that are melted together. This makes really tiny holes that break up the smoke more than just water alone.
The Fritted Disc was originally made famous by David Goldstein, the creator of the Goldstein bong. However, since his patent recently expired, fritted discs have become available for much lower prices. This bong will give you a smooth, vape-like hit every time.