Some activities are made for sativas. If you’re looking for more things to do while on a sativa high, check out these six activities for sativa lovers.

The difference between sativa and indica is as clear as night and day; indica will hit your body, whereas sativa will hit your mind. It’s a simple fact that even many non-smokers are aware of, and yet you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone talking about which activities are actually better for any particular strain.

Welcome to part two of our activities guide, where we list out the top six things to do after enjoying a sativa dominant strain, and which strains are better for which activities. If you haven’t seen our indica list and you’re a fan of the couch-lock strains, you can check that out here.

6. Rollercoaster of Love

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

Have you ever smoked right before riding a rollercoaster? It’s quite possibly one of the most exhilarating experiences you could have while stoned out of your mind and it’s something everyone should try at least once – just don’t pick the wrong one! But is there even such a thing?

Best Strains: Sour Diesel; Jack Herer; Durban Poison; Lemon Haze; Super Silver Haze; Strawberry Cough

5. Hiking in the Wilderness

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

You can never go wrong with enjoying a little nature, and hiking is one of the best activities you could do for yourself while you’re high; smoking a sativa in particular will make the experience even better! The leaves look more vibrant, the mountains look more possible and the views at the end can really help put the world into a bigger perspective – why wouldn’t you want to?

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Best Strains: Green Crack; Panama Red; Cinex; Grapefruit; Ghost Train Haze; Blue Dot; Voodoo

4. Disc Golf

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

It’s never too late to learn something new, and a sport many stoners find enjoyable is a new one known as disc golf. As the name implies you throw a specialty Frisbee towards a basket; the rules are very similar to how golf works, and aside from the minimal cost of the discs you don’t have to spend a dime more. You get to hang out with your friends, enjoy the sunshine and smoke a bit as an added bonus, so it’s relatively easy to see why many smokers and non-smokers alike are starting to play!

Best Strains: Alaskan Thunder Fuck; Harlequin; Jesus OG; Malawi; East Coast Sour Diesel; Candy Jack

3. Head to the Movies

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

Movies have always been one way for people to momentarily escape their own reality; a way to really get sucked into some strange, new world someone else has created for your entertainment. Thanks to the cerebral high a sativa will give it’s so much easier to get lost in whatever you’re watching, and it’s certainly more enjoyable.

Best Strains: Tangilope; Cat Piss; Maui; Pandora’s Box; Pineapple Thai; Sour Haze

2. Enjoy a Rainy Day with Some Video Games

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

Just because a sativa is amazing for going outside with, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to either. There’s nothing wrong with staying inside, just like there’s nothing wrong with immersing yourself into a game! Some of the best times many stoners have together are the ones playing video games with their friends, especially if you have Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.

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Best Strains: Charlotte’s Web; Cannalope Haze; Dutch Hawaiian; Green Lantern; Seattle Cough; MediHaze

1. Write a Story or Draw a Picture

6 Cool Activities For Sativa Lovers

If there’s one thing a sativa will really help bring out in you, it’s art. If you draw a picture, color, write a story or anything in that realm you’ll almost come to feel as if you’re a real part of what you’re building, and that’s when you really let your creativity shine! All you need is to allow your imagination to run wild and you’ll be surprised at what you create.

Best Strains: Jack Skellington; Hawaiian Dream; Alien Wrench; Red Congolese; Aceh; Blueberry