Household chores are fun high: I am more productive, more focused, happier in general and I get time to think and move my body at the same time. I do some of my finest thinking while I clean or tackle chores around the house. The key to finding a happy high for boring household stuff is experimenting with strains that are popular for energizing, uplifting effects and avoiding the strains that induce a sleepy body high.

I’ll list my 10 favorite household chores to attack while I am baked below this. If you’re interested, my favorite strains to use for getting stuff done include Jack Herer, Lemon Haze and Ghost Train Haze. They’re all sativas, and great for increasing your energy and getting you excited about doing work around the house!

Tips for Doing Chores with Weed

edibles and chores
Edibles are fun to use while cleaning the house. Image:

Essential for any good toking session and especially for tackling normally boring tasks. A good way to incorporate cannabis into your chores is by using it as an incentive: you can have a toke on the pipe, then you have to dust the house before you can have your next hit. Another fun way is to use edibles! I like to get toked up, eat a tasty treat and then get cleaning for a couple hours. Usually after an hour my initial high has worn off and the edibles are kicking in nicely; I’m focused and hard at work on my tasks, and times flies. It’s really effective!

1. Vacuuming

vacuuming high

I love a good workout while I am stoned. I’m in the habit of vacuuming my whole house regularly while high; it’s good cardio and I love how the little bits and pieces shoot up the vacuum hose! Vacuuming is rewarding while high because you can see how clean the floor is getting.

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2. Dusting and sweeping

dusting high

Much like vacuuming, I like dusting and sweeping for the cardio aspect and because I can see what I am getting done. I get carried away thinking and moving things around, and often end up rearranging ornaments as I go. Let the creativity flow!

3. Mopping floors

Ok, this is good cardio too, but mopping is fun because the floor is lava.

4. Cleaning the bathroom


A tedious task; toke up and get your gloves on. I wear as little as possible while cleaning the bathroom, so I can get in the shower/bath and make a mess. It really is more fun than being careful! I find a big dab is the perfect hit I need to get me focused to scrub the shower and bath.

5. Vacuum the curtains

While this isn’t something you might do usually, I included it because it is just plain fun using the vacuum cleaner this way! It reminds me of vacuuming Mom’s hair as a kid!

6. Taking care of pets

pet chores

Pets are fun whether you are high or not, and taking fantastic care of them is not optional, but getting high and feeding the birds or grooming the cat can make for a fun evening!

7. Wash the car or pets

doggie bath

Washing the dog or the car on a warm day is so fun! Get in your bathing suit and make it messy, have a laugh and wrestle your pet! They will appreciate the extra love (your car will too, though it isn’t as fun) and you’ll have some bonding time while bathing.

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8. Food preparation

Be careful with the knife and don’t rush! Zoning out chopping veggies is the perfect way to unwind while getting things done. Preparing an elaborate meal is great while baked, and you get the reward at the end!

9. Home DIY and projects

diy high

My partner and I DIY often and high. We love the way we can bond and create something for our home together. I get together with friends to make candles and art too!

10. Gardening, weeding and watering

gardening high

There is something nourishing about having my hands in the soil while I am high. I love the feeling, and I do feel connected to the planet that way (hippie, probably) but focusing on nature’s small wonders is so intriguing after a toke: earthworms are fascinating, growing vegetables is especially rewarding and cooking with homegrown herbs is such a treat! Plus, the food will taste better with weed!