If you are a cannabis business owner, or cannabis-industry business entrepreneur, there is a chance you will need to look for investors or funding at some stage throughout the growth of your project. This is not the case for all cannabis-industry businesses, but in any thriving market, it can get competitive. In the cannabis industry, it is incredibly competitive.

CanopyBoulder is a cannabis-industry business bootcamp. It is also an important business accelerator focused on essentials that owners need to know about starting a cannabis-industry business. Are you a seed-stage cannabis-industry business owner looking for funding and getting nowhere? CanopyBoulder provides up to $70k in capital to entrepreneurs in their program, a 16-week mentoring bootcamp providing critical industry knowledge.

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Aeron Sullivan launched Tradiv with the help of CanopyBoulder. Photo courtesy of: Tradiv.com

Aeron Sullivan launched his business, Tradiv, through the CanopyBoulder program. He decided against going it alone to pursue his cannabis industry goals, instead opting to commit to CanopyBoulder and the accelerator program. The wide access and variety of advisors and mentors was a big factor in Sullivan’s decision to pair with CanopyBoulder. This match allowed him and his cannabis-industry business startup to accelerate faster than others without the same support. Sullivan says the most important concept he learned through the program at CanopyBoulder was about investor preparation.

“There are a lot of different advisors and mentors that you come across as you’re starting a business, many of which came from the accelerator. With us, some of the best advisors that we found were right here at CanopyBoulder.”

Sullivan’s participation in the CanopyBoulder accelerator program gave him the tools and mentoring he needed to successfully launch his online cannabis marketplace to the public in less than two months. He found being able to look to his mentors an invaluable support in getting his cannabis-industry business off the ground. CanopyBoulder assisted Sullivan by focusing on solving the right problems first. His business took off from there.

What Does CanopyBoulder Do?

CanopyBoulder is a seed-stage business accelerator focused on ancillary products and services in the legal cannabis industry. They provide capital of up to $70k, a 16-week mentor-driven bootcamp, and critical knowledge of the industry in return for a 6-9.5% equity stake. CanopyBoulder’s mentor list includes big business and cannabis industry names, including Matthew Kind, founder of CannaInsider.com and the CannaInsider Podcast, and Steve Deangelo and Troy Dayton from The ArcView Group.

The Cannabis-Industry Business Class of 2016

CanopyBoulder are dedicated to building outstanding, professional companies to help move the cannabis industry forward. They work with both adult or recreational use and medicinally focused cannabis-industry businesses including tech plays, data analytics, market research, sales, advertising, consumption devices, and other cannabis-industry businesses.

CanopyBoulder have just closed off applications for their new class, which begins August 2016. There are programs coming up next year, usually they are held in the fall and spring. If you are looking for some serious guidance in launching your cannabis-industry business, this is a program you need to consider in the immediate future. For more information on upcoming programs, get over to the CanopyBoulder website.

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