Medical marijuana wax is becoming highly sought after across the world, particularly in the United States where legalization encourages experimenting with new methods of consumption. Dab rigs are without doubt a best way to smoke wax. Rigs heat the shatter just enough to release the wax THC and other cannabinoids without burning it. Furthermore, dab weed wax is affordably cheap.

What is the Drug Wax Made Of?

Cannabis comes in many forms. Wax and other dab fillers, including oil, shatter, hash, dust, ice wax and budder, are potent pot concentrates. According to Get Smart about Drugs, concentrates are highly potent THC extractions with extraordinarily high THC levels. They differ in consistency according to method of processing, such as using butane to extract butane hash oil, or BHO, and waxing yourself.

How to Smoke Shatter

Smoking wax dabs is easier than making edibles or joints. Although watching friends use rigs with a mini blowtorch may appear dangerous or outright crazy, it really is simple. It does not matter what you use for smoking dabs, provided you stick to the basic principle: Heat the wax until it starts melting and emitting smoke, and then simply inhale it. Here are some common ways to do it:

Smoking Dabs with an Oil Rig

Whether you smoke kief or some other type of cannabis concentrate, oil rigs are by far the most popular way to do it. Much like bongs, these rigs have a water pipe. However, there are specific modifications to these rigs for dabbers, including the addition of a nail and other accessories. Nails are typically quartz, ceramic or titanium, with newer models being hollow to allow for easy smoke inhalation.

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Surrounding the nail is a “moat.” This is where you put the wax or hash after heating the nail with a mini blowtorch. Heat the nail, add the wax, and inhale. Older dab rig models typically enclose the nail with a dome. Although most people prefer quartz nails because they taste better than titanium metal, extreme heat has a tendency to break or damage quartz. For this reason, titanium nails have a longer lifespan.

Smoking Dabs without an Oil Rig

Although most people use dab rigs, they are not an absolute necessity. There are other ways to smoke marijuana concentrates too and they are just as effective. Either you can buy accessories for the purpose or you can use knives and rolling papers that you already have lying around in your house. Here are seven other ways to smoke marijuana concentrates if a dab rig is not for you:

1. Electric Nails

E-nails have become incredibly popular among dabbing enthusiasts. Although pricey, e-nails offer several advantages: They are portable, work well with low temperatures, and eliminate the risk of severe burns from torches, hot rigs and other heated dabbing accessories. It is impossible to burn concentrates when using an e-nail, which will make sure you get all the wax THC possible.

2. Glass Bowls or Bongs

Bongs, particularly those with glass bowls, are undeniably easy to use. Simply load the bowl the same way you would if you were just smoking marijuana and then put wax or shatter on top. The only real downside is that because the herb does not extinguish itself between hits, this method can be wasteful for dabbing. You also cannot use this method without pot, as you cannot smoke only wax out of it.

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3. Joints

Called twaxing, adding wax to your joint is perhaps the easiest way to smoke it without a rig. Simply add your concentrate to your blunt and enjoy. Either you can add a line inside your joint before rolling it, or you can roll the blunt first and put it on the outside. As with glass bongs, however, rolling your wax is not particularly efficient. You will get very stoned, but quality smoke will disappear into the air.

4. Vape Pens

Although vape pens require purchasing, they are notably more affordable than dabbing rigs and you can buy them most anywhere. They also offer a lot more discretion, make zero wastage and are extremely portable. Not everybody enjoys the taste of vape pens, but their efficiency is well worth it. If you do decide to go the vaping route long-term, then make sure to invest in a pricier, more durable e-pen.

5. Healthstones

Using a healthstone is another quick and easy way to dab weed wax, provided you have one first. Healthstones are porous glass inserts commonly used to screen glass bubblers or bowls. Using one is very simple: Put your healthstone into a bowl, add your wax or concentrate, heat with a heat gun or small blowtorch until it melts and starts smoking, and then inhale deeply.

6. Hot Knives

Heating knives already in your house is extremely easy and costs nothing. People use hot knives when they have nothing else. Metallic butter knives work best, but any knife will do. Heat the tip of the knife on your stove until one end is hot and the other still cool enough to grasp. Once heated, place on a heat-safe counter and add your hash. It will start smoking immediately, so have a straw ready to inhale it.

7. Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are portable water pipes. They cool the smoke before it reaches your throat and make for a much smoother lung experience. You can add water to them or not, according to your preference. The majority of bubblers available have simple diffusers to make smoking them easy. However, you cannot use bubblers for dabbing without any herb. Like bongs, you need to add your wax to your weed.

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How Not to Smoke Wax

Despite there being many ways to smoke wax, there are some ways that you should not too. Heating knives on your stovetop is good, but putting concentrates onto the stove itself is a very bad idea. It will burn the wax, which will likely drip off the stove into the plate’s grease trap anyway, and you could potentially burn your face badly. Do not use your stove to smoke shatter, unless you are heating knives.

Likewise, using car lighters is another bad idea. Not only will you destroy your car lighter in record time, but there is also a high probability of wax melting onto the sides of it. If this happens, you will never get the lighter back into its place without getting concentrate inside too. Tin foil is another unintelligent idea: Foil has a tendency to off-gas more than other metals, so you will be inhaling toxic substances.


Smoking dabs allows you to enjoy potent hits quickly and efficiently. Although a dab rig is preferable for most, you can still smoke kief, wax or other concentrates easily without one. If you do not want to spend cash, then twaxing or using hot knives will not cost any extra money. However, if you are willing to fork out but do not have enough for a dab rig, then e-pens, e-nails, bongs and bubblers are cheaper.

Always be mindful of not burning your cannabis wax. Not only will it change the taste horribly, but burning it will also reduce potency of any wax THC and reduce the quality of your high. Remember to heat the wax just until it starts smoking. Take your hit and stop immediately. When you are ready for your next hit, simply repeat the process from scratch. If burnt, clean your apparatus and start fresh.