First time buying Recreational or Medicinal Cannabis? Fear not, for the good folks at Cannahacker have come up with this beginner’s guide to Cannabis Dispensaries that will make you feel like a cannabis connoisseur in no time.

original-1284769735 Cannabis Dispensaries Display
Sparc Dispensary in SF. Source: TheStickyGuide

Step 1: Research your Cannabis Dispensaries!

If you know what type of establishment you’re patronizing ahead of time, it can help to put your mind at ease. Be sure to check out online reviews or ask a friend beforehand. Colorado Pot Guide or Leafly are common resources where you can conduct research before going.

Step 2: Make a shopping list!

Learn which strains or edibles you’re interested in, and make a budget for your purchases. The overwhelming variety of strains and products available can intimidate new users, but again, online research is your friend. Cannabis dispensaries also typically have budtenders that are knowledgeable about the available strains and happy to help you, but having a plan ahead of time makes for a smoother purchase process.

Step 3: Bring supplies!

Cannabis Dispensaries require ID
Bring your ID. Source: All Natural Wellness Collective

Your state-issued ID and medicinal card, if applicable in your area, are must-haves, as well as cold hard cash. Until the cannabis industry and federal government sort out their banking issues, cash is generally the preferred (read: ONLY) payment method.

Step 4: Show some respect!

No photography allowed at most Cannabis Dispensaries
No photos allowed.

Respect the dispensary’s house rules, and the privacy of other patrons. Many dispensaries forbid photos, so don’t take out your camera-phone. Given the need for patients to openly discuss sensitive medical issues with staff, giving other customers their personal space makes sense too.

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Step 5: Don’t haggle, and tip your budtender!

Laws regulate these products from seed to sale, so the amount of cannabis you can purchase is carefully controlled. Expect to pay $12-25 a gram, and leave a tip for your budtender’s attentive service.

Step 6: Take your purchases home!

Like any other business, don’t loiter, or consume your purchases on the premises, because that would be illegal. Take it home, and enjoy it in your own space.

Step 7: Relax and Enjoy

This is a new experience for many, but following a few simple etiquette rules will make your visits to cannabis dispensaries much more enjoyable for everyone.