There seems to be far too many reasons why someone would have to stay inside during the summer, and lately there seem to be few reasons to go anyways. The days are getting hotter, work still has to be done, there’s chores to do and humanity invented air conditioning for a reason. Those seem like great reasons to stay inside, right? Well that’s not the point of summer, and somewhere along the way it seems like we lost track of that; so to help remedy the increasing “indoor population”, here’s a few tips to help you actually get outside this summer!

Find an Outdoor Hobby That Matches You

If you’re told to find an outdoor hobby, what’s the first thing you think of? Something like skydiving, or something like birdwatching? Well, it really doesn’t matter! The important part of choosing something for your own enjoyment is that you’re happy doing it (as long as it’s legal, of course). There are a few options you’ve got at your disposal, but here’s a few that we suggest to make the absolute best of it!

Join a Local Sports Team, or Pick One Up Solo

You don’t have to be Barry Bonds or Hank Aaron to go out and play some baseball just like you don’t have to be a professional to join most other local sports teams. If you’re looking for a consistent way to get out of the house that also gets the blood pumping then this would be one of the best routes you could take – plus there’s the added camaraderie attached!

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Get a Puppy!

I’m being serious here, if you want to get outside more this summer, getting a puppy is an incredible way to do it. You get to bond with a brand new friend (who will be there for life), you get to exercise with them and you can even meet new people simply because they’re around. They still require a lot of work and patience (you’ll need to take them outside every day), so don’t make this decision lightly – but the reward is well worth the effort. Plus, puppy.

Plan a Camping Trip or a Trip to the Beach

Nothing will get you closer to nature than a few overnight stays in the wilderness, and summer is the best time of the year to get out there. If you’re a homebody, or you just feel like you’re stuck at home because of your schedule, try to put some time aside for a few weeks ahead to enjoy a nice weekend away. Plus, you could always go camping by a body of water, and summer always goes hand in hand with swimming!

Everyone Loves a BBQ!

If you want to get outside without having to go too far then consider the wonderment that is American BBQ. For thousands of years people have been gathering around the fire to celebrate a vast multitude of things, and today is no different. You can invite your friends, family, and coworkers, or tell the truth, no one at all, and still have a great time relaxing outside.

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