Over the past few years, state-level marijuana legislation has inspired a great deal of entrepreneurship. Companies across the nation have worked to capitalize on this reform by designing revolutionary smoking devices and accessories. The devices listed below focus on portability, stealth, and ease of use. Give them a try and enhance your cannabis experience.


1. Kashit Clean

Sick of inhaling ash from your last hit? The Kashit Clean acts as vacuum cleaner for your pipes and bowls. Even though it obliterates ash, you need not worry about your bud. This immensely useful device leaves all remaining plant matter untouched. It even includes a poker to break up stubborn deposits. You can easily clean the Kashit by twisting its bottom chamber off and emptying the compartment. If you want a clean hit every time, then I highly recommend the Kashit Clean.


2. Camper Smoker

Camper Smoker caters to hikers, campers, and anyone else who needs a low profile, sturdy water pipe. Remember the stoner from Cabin in the Woods? What about his collapsible coffee-cup bong? The Camper Smoker doesn’t quiet extend that far, but it does come in a close second! When extended, the Camper Smoker stands 11 inches tall. When collapsed it’s only 1.5 inches. Such excellent portability means that you can bring this bong with you on your next adventure!


3. Kashit CooL

Those seeking the smoothest hit on the market should look no further. Kashit Cool takes the work out of your next bong hit. Instead of stacking ice only to dump out the excess, just attach the Kashit Cool to your bong’s mouthpiece. The device cools your smoke with a specialized glass coil which is submerged in a cooling agent. This ensures an icy cold hit every time and helps manage your cough.

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4. iHit iPhone Case

The iHit iPhone case allows you to keep some bud on your person without raising too many eyebrows. It looks like a regular iPhone case, but hosts a storage compartment for your one-hitter, joint, or blunt. The compartment is spring loaded so you don’t have to worry about anything getting stuck. On the bottom of the case there is a storage area where you can store smoking essentials. If you value stealth, the iHit will serve you well.


5. SmokeBuddy

If you’re like me you can’t smoke in the house because the old lady says it “smells bad.” Well, I found a solution in the SmokeBuddy. This device eliminates smoke and odor so that you don’t have go outside when it’s cold or raining. Unless, of course, you fancy yourself a noir detective. Ultra portable and lightweight, the SmokeBuddy is a must-have for anyone that wants to smoke inside without the smell.