Social media for cannabis-infused folk is serious; stoner businesses are building their brands with amazing photography and stoner consumers eat that stuff right up. While there are stacks of social media apps or websites to choose from, there are also endless social media accounts for everything from weed-inspired clothing brands to fit stoners.

I don’t want you wasting too much time searching, so I made a list of Instagram accounts that have me hooked. Do you like weed? Dabs? Lego? Cartoons? Sport? Save these Instagram accounts for a rainy day if you don’t want to spend the next four hours on your phone.


A photo posted by @kushpix on

Kushpix has beautiful photos of cannabis from around the world, and they credit photographers too!


A photo posted by CannAthlete (@cannathlete) on

CannAthelte promotes a healthy and activated lifestyle in conjunction with diet, exercise and focused cannabis therapy.


A photo posted by @siriusbuds on

This Washington-based recreational grower grows some siriusly stunning flower.


A photo posted by @tweedledoob on

A ‘hemployee’ at @vapeonthelake in Toronto, this Canadian stoner chick has great photos and is into The Simpsons, pop art and comedy. What a babe!


A video posted by Dabbing Granny (@dabbing_granny) on

If you haven’t come across Dabbing Granny yet, get over there immediately! She is a kick ass older lady with a taste for dabs, tequila and beer. Her bio reads, “If ya can’t hang, don’t try it!”


A photo posted by Zoots (@zootology) on

Zoots are cannabis-infused candies from the Pacific Northwest. Their Insta features a variety of aesthetically-pleasing cannabis photos… and their brownies are amazing!


A photo posted by ?SHOWCASING THE BEST GLASS ART (@piece_in_mind) on

Piece in Mind showcases the best in glass artists, and always credits the burner. For the most impressive rigs on IG, follow this account!


A photo posted by Next Hike Wednesday 4/13 (@hikingwithmaryjane) on

Who doesn’t love hiking with Mary Jane? Get outside and smoke more often, use this account as inspiration!


A photo posted by RAW Rolling Papers (@rawlife247) on

Raw rolling papers and filter tips have a cult following and with good reason.


A photo posted by Crutchcard™ (@crutchcard) on

Filter tips for the modern stoner and business owner; I love this concept! Visit their IG or website to design your own filter business cards with hemp paper and non-hazardous inks.


A photo posted by The Herbalista Set (@herbalistaset) on

I don’t know a lot about this company, but their photos have me obsessed with their IG. Stunning cannabis and outdoor shots!


A photo posted by CH (@710legofriends) on

I promised Lego, here it is: dabs and Lego! Lego men of all kinds and eras with dabs dabs dabs!


A photo posted by NationalDabsketballAssociation (@dabsketballers) on

If you’ve somehow missed this page and you’re a sports or NBA fan, check it out! Dab shots taken from downtown line like Curry! Also, the t-shirt designs are hilarious and super soft cotton!


A photo posted by PRØHBTD (@prohbtd) on

Prohbtd is the premiere online destination for video, information, stories and hand-selected products for the modern enthusiast.


A photo posted by YSL??? (@visinequeen) on

This New york City artist’s IG account features artwork, stoner photos and cartoons. And heaps of flowers. The weed is good!


A photo posted by • Jade • Green • (@hazyaintlazy) on

Want to know who writes this nonsense that you’re reading? Check out what I do on Insta. It’s all weed, dabs, records and fitness. I like to get high and write about cannabis, y’know?

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