Game of Thrones wasn’t the first show to popularize fictional languages — there are tons of them!

The ten different languages below all have enough structure to them that when you do eventually learn them, you can use them to have full blown conversations! Some are based on existing languages, and even have full books written in them (Romeo and Juliet is a classic in the original Klingon). Don’t let any of them fool you though; learning them can be a real challenge!


Avatar © 20th Century Fox

Created in 2005 by Paul Frommer, Na’vi was the fictional language used by the giant blue people in 2009’s Avatar. Originally featuring only 1,000 different words upon the release of the film, Frommer has since expanded the list to feature more than 2,200 words – for those not counting that basically makes this a full fledged language! If you’d like to learn it you can visit this webpage to download a PDF Na’vi to English dictionary among many other resources.

Sindarin (Elvish)

The Hobbit © New Line Cinema

Quite possibly one of the most beautifully flowing languages to be created is Sindarin, and we can thank that one to J.R.R. Tolkein. Ever since it’s creation it’s been utilized time and again, finally to be most popularized by the LoTR movie trilogy and now you can learn it too. This site has a fantastic Sindarin to English dictionary as well as a full course in PDF form you can download for free!


Star Trek © CBS

Remember Scotty from the original Star Trek, the guy played by James Doohan? Well he’s actually the one that created the crude basis for which the Vulcan language got it’s beginnings! It wasn’t until a little later on that Okrand refined the language into something more, and it’s since been expanded upon exponentially. Finding an English to Vulcan dictionary is incredibly easy to do as well, but translations are tricky!

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Star Trek © CBS

Another language to come out of the Star Trek universe is none other than the language of the Klingons. This language was originally described in a book from 1985 entitled The Klingon Dictionary by Mark Okrand and has since grown into a fully speak-able language with a full structure; for more information on how to actually learn it you can visit this page and check out the tab “Resources.”


Skyrim © Bethesda Softworks

Do you have the desire to become the next Dragonborn? The Dovazhul language featured in the popular video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the tongue of the dragons, so you’ll need to master this if you plan on slaying any dragons in the real world!


Game of Thrones © HBO

George R.R. Martin has found a way to touch the lives of millions of people across the globes with his books and now television series, mainly because of the level of dedication he put into it. As of 2011 the fake Dothraki language had over 3,163 words translated by David Peterson for the show, and it looks like the language may be sticking around for a while.


Gates of Atlantis – By Simpsonsquire

If it seems like Mark Okrand has created a lot of these languages it’s because he has, and the Atlantean language from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire is on that list. This is one of the easier languages you could pick up and the alphabet itself is fairly straightforward – making even writing letters in Atlantean a breeze!

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Superman © DC Comics

Kryptonian is the language of Superman’s people, back on Krypton, from when it was still around. If you want to learn Kryptonian the first thing you need to know is that there are different variations of the language depending on which film you want to learn from — though Warner Brothers have yet to release the Man of Steel variation you can still find all the others on this incredibly useful website (plus I’m sure they’ll be updating with the latest variant ASAP).


Star Wars © LucasFilm

Star Wars has some fantastical alien species featured in every movie, but none have been as fun (or quite frankly, as frightening), as the Ewoks. These little furry guys use a primitive language developed by Ben Burtt that can take as little time to learn as just a few weeks! To learn more about this cool little way of speaking, you can check out the guide on this page.


Futurama © Fox

Alienese is a nifty new language used by the writers of Futurama to hide little jokes inside the show that most viewers never even know about! It was created to be used for jokes, and yet the language itself has since blown up because of it; so the writers created a whole new cipher to use and thus, another language!