If you tend to pass up some drinks on the town in favor of a fascinating book and some cannabis, chances are you’re an introvert. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone! Many introverts choose cannabis as their escape, but why is that? Introverts are defined as people who prefer to spend most of their time in mental or intellectual worlds instead of the physical world (like extroverts). Just like in the previous example, you’d be more likely to find the introvert cozying up with some Chem Dawg and the work of Carl Sagan, who attributed his appreciation of art and music to cannabis, rather than staying out late at a busy nightclub.

Dude I've got the munchies so hard right now, I could go for some apple pie.
Pass the blunt, Carl.

Introverts and Marijuana: Increased Creativity

Introverts prefer activities like dancing, drawing and building things because they can immerse themselves into their work and fully focus on expressing their creativity. On the flip slide, many introverts tend to be shy or uncomfortable in some social situations. Research has indicated that these traits shared by many introverts could be linked to a preference for cannabis over alcohol and other recreational drugs.

It shouldn’t shock you to find out that cannabis can help you be more creative, which is one of the reasons why the introvert enjoys cannabis. After being an urban legend for decades, research has come to light that supports cannabis’ ability to increase creativity. Doctors are now theorizing that cannabis causes a release of dopamine to your prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain where complex behavior and decision making resides. This rush of dopamine might be what gives you those crazy, yet brilliant high ideas and creative bursts when you’re high. Introverts really enjoy these creative bursts because they help them explore existential questions and create new ideas, while helping them make better decisions and express themselves in whatever they do.

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Dopamine can also be found in common plants like potatoes and bananas.

Introverts and Marijuana: Social Trends

The prefrontal cortex also regulates social behavior, and interestingly enough, cannabis has a positive effect on your social behavior and how you interpret your environment. Researchers from the University of Kentucky gathered data from people across the United States and found that people who consumed cannabis were more likely to have higher feelings of self-worth and mental health than their comparable control group. The cannabinoids found in cannabis could be helping the introvert relax in by ensuring proper balance of chemicals in your brain as cannabinoids work to modulate feedback between neurons. This means cannabis could help an introvert feel more comfortable in new situations, especially social ones, which would help explain why cannabis is so popular among introverts.

Prefrontal_cortexCannabis being the popular drug of choice among introverts is finally starting to be explained by science. Cannabis can help regulate the flow of chemicals in an introvert’s brain, helping them be more creative in their work and helping them relax in social situations that might otherwise be uncomfortable for them. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much we don’t know about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis affects the human brain. As we discover the deeper parts of the iceberg, hopefully new research will continue to shed light on why cannabis is the drug of choice for most introverts.

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