Volcano, The Best Vape For Frequent Smokers

Volcano Vaporizer


MAKER: Storz & Bickel

DIMENSIONS: 8” wide x 8” high

WEIGHT: 3.9 LBS [2]


  • Digital LED Display
  • Silent
  • Precise temperature dial
  • Switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Turns off automatically
  • Balloons can be anywhere from 4L to 32L, but typically fall between 8L and 12L



  • 3 minute heat-up time
  • Some of the small pieces on the chamber/valves may be easy to lose
  • Expensive


PRICE: $498


Excluding the half-grand price tag, the Volcano is everything an average smoker would want in a desktop vape. It’s efficient, silent, semi-fast, it looks frickin’ awesome, and it gets you blasted.


The Volcano works via convection, and pushing air through the heated herb into a large, “100% polythene (food grade) – food-safe, odor-free and heat-proof”- bag. I would say that hands down, the Volcano is the number one desktop vape on the market. So far, nothing can surpass the power or the volume of vapor that the Volcano boasts.


The Volcano is relatively straightforward to use – it has the main unit, a separate chamber for packing herb into, and a valve that attaches to special Volcano bags. Once you set the desired temperature via the dial/LED display, you just have to set the chamber on top of the device, connect the valve, and flip the fan on. While the fan creates a bit of noise, it’s really not loud or intrusive by any means. The bag will take just under a minute to fill up (depending on size), and then you’re home free to start vaping.

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