Dab nails and rigs are available in different materials and styles, and it’s important to know the qualities of different dab nail materials to prevent waste and frustration. If you’re unfamiliar, dabbing is the acts of smoking concentrates, extracts or oils through what is called a dab rig. A dab rig is a water pipe specifically made for smoking these oils and extracts. It contains a variety of benefits to the smoker such as a more relaxed and less harsh smoking experience as well as a high that is hard to beat. Read about how to take a dab here.

A Dab Rig with Titanium Nail. Source: Whaxy.com
Dab Rig with Titanium Nail. Source: Whaxy.com

Dabbing begins with heating what is called the ‘nail’ to an extremely high temperature with a torch. After this step, you then press your smoking oil or concentrate onto the nail and inhale as normal.

If you’re planning on trying it out yourself, one of the first things you’ll need to know is the 3 different types of dab nails. The nail is what retains the heat on the dab rig as explained above, it can be of the ceramic, quartz or titanium variety. The characteristics of each of the nails slightly differ depending on what they are made of and should be required knowledge before making your purchasing decision for your own safety.

Titanium Nails

Titanium Dab Nail
Titanium Dab Nail. Source: titaniumtherapy.com

Dab nails are usually made out of titanium because of titanium’s natural ability to sustain the heat required for dabbing. These nails heat quickly and retain for a long time afterwards. It is always a good idea to ensure the titanium is a good grade and not made out of other metals as this could possible lead to prolonged health risks and an inefficient nail.

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Quartz Nails

Quartz Dab Nail
Quartz Dab Nail. Source: cdn3.volusion.com

Quartz nails are more of an intermediary nail as they deliver very clean and smooth hits but take longer to heat and don’t retain the temperature as well. They can also usually be found for a lower price than titanium nails.

Ceramic Nails

ceramic dab nail
Ceramic Dab Nail. Source

Ceramic nails are fairly new to the dabbing game but can deliver hits as clean and smooth as quartz nails. They heat up very quickly and retain that heat for an incredibly long amount of time. A great deal of caution is advised when using a ceramic nail as it is difficult to visually determine if they are hot enough and have been known to shatter or crack if not used properly. The proper way to heat a ceramic nail is in a circular motion to ensure the temperature is distributed evenly and that it is never glowing red.

Dabbing: Trend or Here to Stay?

There are currently two schools of thought when it comes to dabbing. The first, being that it is simply a fad or a trend and it will burn out as quickly as it came in. Then, there’s the second: dabbing represents a progression in the act of smoking and that it is subsequently here to stay. Let us know what you think of dabbing in the comments below!