Roll-Uh-Bowl is the palm-size, on-the-go smoking device that every outdoor or travel enthusiast needs. Just take the band off and the Roll-Uh-Bowl will spring into action and automatically form into a bong. It is the most compact, durable and portable bong on the market today.

Charlie McKay, creator of the Roll-Uh-Bowl, is a 30 year old Montana native. He’s an adventure enthusiast that needed a unbreakable and light weight piece that he could bring anywhere. That’s when he came up with the Bowl.


Every Roll-Uh-Bowl is made in the US. It is made out of 100% Healthcare grade, FDA approved, Class VI silicon. It comes in 5 different colors which are:

  • Orange Sherburnt
  • Green Means Go
  • Purple Power
  • Black Beauty
  • You’re My Boy Blue

The Roll-Uh-Bowl is odorless, flavorless and very easy to clean. You simply remove the bowl and downstem and place the Roll-Uh-Bowl in the dishwater or clean with soapy water.


This is great for any cyclists, hikers, climbers, skiers or anyone that is always on the go. The Bowl fits perfectly into any backpack or bag. The downstem fits perfectly inside the rolled up Roll-Uh-Bowl so it’ll be safe and secure until you’re ready to smoke.

As they say over at Roll-Uh-Bowl, “Smokey bubbles. Anywhere.”

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