With the explosion of dispensaries and recreational stores in Colorado and Washington, regular smokers needed to find a resource that would allow them to review strains and keep track of the ones they enjoy. In 2010, three web developers created an application to do just that – Leafly. Leafly is essentially the “yelp” for the cannabis industry – dispensaries are listed, and from there, they can create menus, posts prices, and update Leafly in real-time with stocking information. This allows users to know when a certain dispensary is out of their strain so they can begin to look for another one.


One of the greatest parts of keeping track of this information is the ability to view the average sales transaction per dispensary, trending strains per region/state, and Leafly’s newest boast, “Seed-to-Sale”. The function is exactly how the name sounds – users can track the growth of their cannabis from the moment it is planted to the moment it changes hands to the dispensary. This allows users to be pickier about things such as growth material, organic/non-organic growth processes, nutrients, and other such variables.


Lastly, Leafly is helping the consumables market explode. Before cannabis was legalized, the only real edibles you heard of were “special brownies” that a friend of a friend made back in high school. Nowadays, you have a wide selection of tinctures, baked goods, drinks, candies, sauces, butter, and many other forms. Leafly is now including these items in its online menu and review setup, which is great for users who are not used to smoking or are using cannabis for medicinal reasons.

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