Jack Frost has a rich genetic makeup. An hybrid of the Jack Herer, White Widow and the award-winning strain Nothern  Lights #5, this strain has a high THC content that makes it a favourite among marijuana connoisseurs from Amsterdam where it originated to North America. A Sativa dominant strain, its TCH content ranges from a whopping 22-23%. At one point, Goldenseeds which bred the plant, added the Rainbow Kashmiri strain to the mix as part of their aim to improve its potency and overall appearance and taste. But this strain is not as common in the mix anymore. Over all, perfecting Jack Frost  took over five years.

Strain Ancestry

The pot strain, Jack Herer, gets its name from the marijuana activist who authored the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which remains one of the biggest pro-legalization literature ever written. White Widow is an award-winner, receiving several awards starting with the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995.  Also an award winner, Nothern Lights #5 is probably one of the most popular Indica dominant strains.

Appearance & Smell

This green beauty has crystal trichromes sprinkled all over it, proof of its high THC content. It has a citrusy almost lemon-like fragrance that’s smells as sweet as it tastes when smoked. It has quite the earthy taste as well, which is quite pleasing to the taste buds.

How to grow

Growing this strain is quite easy, making it perfect for weed novices as it is for veteran marijuana growers. Grown just as well inside as it does outside, this strain has a high yield. Grown indoors, Jack Frost yields approximately 16 ounces per square meters and can be harvested between the 8th and 9th week of flowering. Outdoors, the strain grows best in warm or temperate climate and yields about 19 ounces. It flowers during the summer and is ready for harvesting by the end of September or the beginning of October. Added to the ease with which you can plant this strain, it is also resistant to most of the common moulds and diseases that affect marijuana plants. Its pungent aroma and taste can come off as a little harsh or overwhelming when smoked. When vaped, especially at low temperatures, the citrusy, pine flavour makes for a pleasant vaping experience.

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Jack Frost kush makes users feel happy. That is one of the reasons why it is one of the most beloved cannabis strains. It will have you smiling or even grinning the entire time you are using it. Because of how energized and upbeat users get when having this strain, it is a great social strain as it will get you pumped up and in the mood for laughing and chatting about the silliest of things to the deepest of things with family and friends.

Jack Frost also makes you feel uplifted and confident. It doesn’t give you that couch-lock vibe even though you will feel physically relaxed after smoking or vaping it. Instead, it will boost your productivity and creativity which makes this strain a wonderful go-to when you need to embark on a professional or personal project or just when you need a little mood enhancer.

Medicinal Uses

Since Jack Frost relaxes without the hazy side effects, it makes for a good medicinal strain. It is great for treating symptoms related to:

  • Chronic stress- it has a calming effect on the mind and body which makes for a great stress reliever, unlike alternatives such as turning to reckless sex or even overindulging in alcohol.  
  • Depression- the uplifting effect of this strain makes it great for dealing with depression. When used, depression sufferers will feel a sense of happiness and optimism.
  • Fatigue- the energizing effect of this strain combats feelings of fatigue and laziness, adding to your productivity and satisfaction.
  • Lack of appetite- Cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy and may have lost their appetite will find a friend in this strain as it is a great appetite opener. It is just as effective for persons who don’t have cancer but are struggling with their appetite.
  • Pain- Jack Frost is a good pain buster as well.
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Negative Side Effects

Unfortunately, this strain does have a few negative side effects. Here is the info:

  1. Dry or cotton mouth- Yes, this strain does cause the dreaded cotton mouth but with a bottle of water by your side you can easily combat this and go on to enjoy a good smoking or vaping session.
  2. Dry eyes- With some eye drops to moisturise the eyes, you can quickly reduce the dryness of your eyes when using this strain. While the probability that you may get dry eyes exist, you may not suffer from it at all.
  3. Dizzy- Some persons experience dizziness with this strain. Always gauge the amount used so you do not overdose and cause unpleasant side effects like this.
  4. Paranoid- Usually it is newbie smokers who may experience some amount of paranoia when using this strain. Again, gauging the amount of weed used is important to minimize this effect.

The following is a table summarizing some key facts about Jack Frost, which can be used as a guide:

Positive Effects Euphoric, uplifting, happy, energized,
Flavors Citrus, pine, earthy, sweet
May Relieve Fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, pain, chronic stress
Aromas, Fragrance Citrus, earthy, lemon, swert
THC Content % 22.6-23%
CBD % 0.01%
Yield High
Genetic Indica/Sativa
Flowering time Summer (8-9 weeks)
Harvest Late September-early October
Plant Height Tall
Type Autoflowering


Jack Frost’s popularity makes it a widely available strain to buy. You may purchase it at your local dispensary or online. Like with any other purchase, care must be taken when doing online transactions. Take precaution against using illegitimate sites as well as against purchasing the wrong strains as there are strains with similar names like Jack Herer, which you do not want to confuse this strain with, though Herer is a parent strain. For example, at 365 Recreational Cannabis, Jack Frost’s price is $12 per gram. You can also find Jack Frost cannabis seeds to buy.

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This is a wonderful cannabis strain. It will have you feeling happy, energized and ready to take on the world.