It happens to everyone: you find yourself much higher than you need to be at that moment. Perhaps you need to go to dinner with the family, or your edibles high kicks in when you’re in public running errands.Learning how to sober up quickly from a high is important for any grown cannabis enthusiast. For those trying edibles or just getting acquainted, learn more here about the high from ingesting cannabis. Whatever the situation might be, here are some quick tricks you can use to sober up and get to a more manageable level.

1. Take a Nap to Sober Up Quickly from a High

Getting some sleep is a great way to sober up and even a quick nap will help. It gives your body time to process the THC and you’ll wake up feeling much better.

Pro tip: Remember to avoid indica strains if you have trouble taking short naps. And be real, if you are too high, you probably need to set an alarm. Don’t oversleep and miss the fun!

2. Eat Some Food and Sober Up Quickly

eat some food

If you’re high, you might have the munchies anyways. One quick and popular way to get rid of that high is to eat a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. Or a pizza or a whole bowl of mashed potato. Or three apples and a box of protein bars. Most people find that once they’re finished eating they aren’t quite as high. Food helps absorb the THC and brings you down. Starches are the best for absorption.

Pro tip: Don’t overdo it on the food. Try to stick to foods like fruit that are naturally high in sugars. Fats and proteins can make the effect of a high worse if you eat a lot!

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3.  Drink Water or Milk to Sober Up Quickly from a High

Milk is believed to help absorb THC and sober you up, and water will help flush the THC out of your system. Drinking milk or water is an easy way to get rid of that high. Two regular (8oz) glasses of milk or water is usually enough to rehydrate and help you come down.

Pro tip: If you are feeling unwell, avoid the milk and head straight to a couple big glasses of water. Rehydrating yourself is important if you’re not feeling so great and water will immediately help ease some of the discomfort you might be feeling.

4. Run to Sober Up Quickly from a High

You might scoff at the idea, but running is the quickest way to sober up. Just do a couple sprints and you’ll start to feel sober in no time. Smash out some sit ups or push ups. Do some cardio and get the blood pumping. Move your body and remove that high! Running causes your body to metabolize the THC in your system much quicker than just sitting around doing nothing.

Pro tip: If you can’t handle the idea of taking a jog, go sit outside and take off your shoes. Getting your feet on the ground and digging into some dirt is sobering and feels so fun! You’ll be sober again in no time.

5. Take a Shower or Quick Bath to Sober Up


I know this sounds like it could be fun, but it more than likely won’t be if you’re doing it to sober up. You can make it so, though! Turn on some good music, get in and scrub away the high. In order for this to work you have to use cold or lukewarm water. It’ll shock your body into sobriety by slowing your heart beat down while calming your nerves.

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Pro tip: If you ever find yourself uncomfortably high, a shower is a great place to go to clear your head and to refresh your mind. If you’re super high, stay away from the bathtub! It can be intoxicating to think about, but you might have trouble staying awake!