When it comes to cleaning your marijuana ingestion implement there are two main types of smokers, those that value the sticky residue and those that don’t. Let’s go over some solutions for both camps on how to clean your pipe.

If you don’t want to smoke that nasty goo but just want your pipe to hit unhindered and your fresh green not to taste like it was filtered through a burning ass, you are part of the first group. And yes your pretty little piece looks oh so much prettier (sometimes) with a fresh cleaning. Here’s our suggested method.


Ziploc bag

Rubbing Alcohol

Salt (rock salt works best but table salt is fine)

Instructions: [Disclaimer- rubbing alcohol is flammable so please don’t smoke while doing this]

After placing the pipe in the bag, pour in enough alcohol to allow the pipe to slosh around freely. Throw in about a tablespoon of salt. Now shake it like around in the bag lightly, allowing the salt and alcohol solution to run through. It will immediately color the liquid a nasty brown and start eating away at the gunk without damaging the glass. You can empty out the liquid and start fresh to give it more of a polished cleansing if desired. After you are either happy with the result or tired of shaking, simply remove the pipe and rinse with tap water to both remove the smell and taste of the alcohol and wash away the salt.

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That’s it! Easy right? Now go take that fresh clean hit!

This guy uses a toilet snake to clean his. (image courtesy of

If you are a smoker on a budget as most of us are, you are probably no stranger to harvesting that sweet, sweet nectar we call resin that you’ve gleaned from you smoking utensil of choice. Finger tips that look like you’ve been rolling road tar into little balls? Check. Collection of little tools that would make a dentist jealous? Check.

Well, while we would like to help you keep the muss and fuss of scraping to a bare minimum,your options are of a pretty specific range.


Patience and a desperate need to be stoned

A variety of sharp little objects that fit into the orifices of your target

More patience and some dish soap to wash your filthy digits


While keeping care not to chip the edges of your carb, bowl or mouthpiece, scrape and withdraw agonizingly small pieces of resin out until you have at least enough for a buzz. Some use heat to soften and make scraping easier, but this can also make it incredibly messy.

Bonus method for resin harvesters who don’t want to keep the pipe (obviously for cheap, non-art pieces):

Put it in a Ziploc and tap the bowl using a hard object, with light to medium pressure, until it cracks open then easily access that black gold! (Please be careful not to cut yourself, broken glass is sharp and dirty.)

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There is a combination of the two approaches that some use, but it is very labor intensive so not one we suggest unless you have tons of time on your hands.

We’d love to hear your favorite methods or variations, so add them in the comments!