Going away to College or University is a formative time for nearly everyone. You have new experiences, meet new people, and it’s the time to experiment. I can tell you first hand that smoking weed doesn’t make you any less capable of doing great in college, but there are some things you should keep in mind.There can be real consequences to your actions, so be sure to…

Keep it on the Down Low

“Back to mine for some netflix, weed and chill?”

One of the biggest things that you need to remember when you go away to College is that there is security above and beyond just law enforcement that can turn a pleasant night of toking into a bad time. If you are caught, college security and administration can take actions above what the police may do, that can effect your academic career. While the police may turn the other way for a single joint, strict colleges may expel you for drug use. Be careful whenever you’re partaking on campus grounds until you know the lay of the land, and always remember that annoying your neighbours or peers is how you get ratted out! Be respectful and discreet, don’t try hot-boxing your bathroom or smoking a tiny joint in your room because you’re feeling lucky that day. It smells, trust me. As long as you’re careful and considerate, and take this advice to heart, you should be able to get high in peace.

smoking weed in college
Your neighbourhood shouldn’t look like this at the end of the day.

For a lot of students, this is their first time away from home. That, in itself, is a huge adjustment! It might seem like pure freedom and that you don’t have to worry about parents anymore. Instead, everything is on you. You’re responsible for your actions. Don’t smoke in residence – you’re just asking to get into trouble. If you have your own apartment, know the limits and try to be sensitive of your neighbors. Blowing it out the window just doesn’t cut it a lot of the time, so you may need to get used to long walks and a way to freshen up, or…

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Invest Wisely

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One of the best things you can do to get past the rules of living in residence or an apartment is invest in some higher end equipment. Whether you’re going after a table-top vape, vape-pen or similar, there is something that suits everyone’s lifestyle. Pens are perfect for portability and discretion, and table-tops are sturdy and dependable. Both are much healthier and pure than straight-up smoking cannabis. Remember to be mindful of your use and your health because investing in yourself is much more than getting a quality education.

What to do if you don’t have the money for a vaporizer, or it’s off the table for some other reason? Using a powerful fan to direct smells out of your room is a perfectly viable option. Be resourceful and take advantage of products that companies have helpfully developed, like sploofs, or make your own. Don’t put a bag over your smoke detector as this qualifies as a felony and can be worse than the drug charges in some places. If you aren’t confident that you can smoke in your room without stinking up the block, no fear. College is a great place to…

Meet New People


Being in college is a great place to meet people you really hit it off with. While you’re there, you’ll meet all kinds of people that consume cannabis, so build up your network of 420 friends. If you’re in residence or in an apartment, finding roommates for next term can be a great way to find a house to comfortably smoke in.

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You’ll probably have to find a dealer at some point, and if you haven’t by now, rest assured that your friends probably think you’re a mooch. In college, dealers are often students themselves, and among the best kind of dealer out there. They are the most likely to be relaxed about money and surely have a friend circle that is enthusiastic about the lifted life. Befriending them can mean all sorts of benefits to you, but don’t get in over your head, and remember to…

Pace Yourself

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Remember, you’re going to college to do more than waste time blasted. You need to make sure to find a healthy balance between work and pleasure otherwise you might have to pay for it. To put all that hard work getting in to waste would be a damn shame. It is a good time to experiment and learn new things, but remember to be smart about it.