The Forbidden Fruit also known as Le Fruit Defendu, is one of the most popular strains among cannabis users, especially those who prefer indica-dominant strains. A cross between the strains Tangie and Cherry Pie, the Forbidden fruit has a sweet, fruity taste and aroma mixed with several other undertones. These undertones include an earthy or sometimes pine flavor. The Forbidden Fruit has a sweet yet citrusy taste to it, such as that of a lemon or grapefruit. Its sweet taste is reminiscent of blueberries and cherries. The Forbidden Fruit is as beautiful as the images its name conjures up. It has a beautiful deep purple flowering, with orange tones mixed in and tightly coiled buds that have a bedazzling crystal coating.

Strain Makeup

Its cannabinoid make-up is 70% indica and 30% sativa with a THC level ranging from 23% to as high as 26%. Because of the high THC content and because this strain tends to make you sleepy, Forbidden Fruit is best consumed in the evening or in the night time when the day is done or on a weekend or holiday when you don’t have a heavy work load. If not, you may find yourself curled up in bed for a good part of the day.

Strain Uses

As with other strains of cannabis, Forbidden Fruit kush  packs a punch when it comes on to its medicinal benefits. Its unique hybrid gives it a high potency and it is great for alleviating issues such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Migranes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
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As the strain gives a deeply relaxing feeling, it makes it ideal to help with a lot of emotional and mental struggles. Its euphoric feeling is also inspiring and helps to improve mindfulness. In today’s chaotic and stress-filled world, it is easy to get caught up in what happened in  the past or worry about what is to come in the future. Forbidden Fruit grounds you in the here and now so that you can feel appreciation for what you do have and what you are now.

Forbidden Fruit is great for smoking as ii gives smooth hits. It’s also just as effective for dabbing or vaporizing. There are other ways to enjoy the effect of this strain such as buying it in the form of candles and soap bars, just to name a few.

Strain Origins

Chameleon Extracts out of Santa Clara, California are the developers behind Forbidden Fruit. In an interview, Chameleon’s Joseph explained that the original Tangie plant used to create the hybrid strain was a cut from the Crockett Family Farms, with its original genetics leading back to the mid-1990s. He advised that when some growers plant Forbidden Fruit, they make the mistake of trying to push the nutrient limit. “The genetics are so strong that you don’t have to push it,” he says. “You can literally throw it in the ground and hit it with a garden hose and you’re going to be extremely happy with the end results.” (

Growing Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit takes 7-8 weeks to flower, and is suited for both indoors and outdoors. It offers great yields, about 450 grams per squared meter and a height of 70+ cm. It is good for planting indoors or outdoors. To get the best yield, it is recommended you use the 12/12 light cycle to force flowering. In the beginning, there may seem to be a more sativa influence in the plant but after switching to the 12/12 cycle, you will begin to see the indica influences coming out as buds are produced.

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Paperplanes and Northstar Holistic Collective’s Forbidden Fruit Live Resin came second place in the Best Sativa Concentrate category of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2017.

Purchasing the Strain

There are different variations of the Forbidden Fruit out there so care must be taken when buying Foebidden fruit seeds to ensure you are indeed getting the right thing. For example, Forbidden Fruitzz is an hybrid produced by Valley Exclusives. It was made by using the Forbidden Fruit and crossing it with the OZ Kush phenotype. The Forbidden Fruit weed price is a little over $200 per ounce, and can be ordered discretely online.

Whether you are new to medical or recreational marijuana, the Forbidden strain is one that is bound to become a favorite of yours with its beautiful flowering, gorgeous aroma and taste, its soothing effects on the body and mind and the relative ease with which you can grow it.

The following table summarizes some of the key facts on the Forbidden Fruit strain.

Positive Effects Relaxing, euphoric feeling which can make you giggly
Flavors Sweet, fruity, citrus taste: lemon, grapefruit, berries
May Relieve  

Pain, anxiety, insomnia, migranes, stress

Aromas, Fragrance Sweer, fruity, pine
THC Content % 23-26%
CBD % 22.1%
Yield High yield
Genetic Indica/Sativa
Flowering time 7-8
Harvest September
Plant Height 70+cm
Type Autoflowering/Regular