Focusing on your mental health and overall wellness is an investment in your future, your relationships and your family. Cannabis can be a helpful tool for individuals seeking mindfulness or peace, and it can help you explore yourself further in new ways. Opening your mind and expanding your horizons with marijuana can be a fun learning experience, and audiobooks are an inexpensive way to educate and entertain yourself. Combining weed and audiobooks will change the way you listen and learn!

Audio cassettes came way before audiobooks… Source:

Audiobooks are the modern way of listening to books on cassette tape. You can purchase audiobooks through many media outlets, like Audible or, or you can often access them for free online, from sites like Overdrive and LibriVox. You don’t need to be interested in literature or books to enjoy audiobooks either: someone reads them to you, and the variety is incredible. You can do other tasks while you listen, like drive, run errands, do the laundry or exercise. Honestly, your options for entertainment are endless, both with the selection of audiobooks and the things you can do while listening.

Live music, movies and weed just make sense. Source:

Now, we all know cannabis has been paired with movie nights and music for years. Weed certainly contributes to visual and aural entertainment: colors are brighter and more vivid, sounds are heard with more clarity or intensity, and Mary Jane allows you to concentrate for long periods of time on certain tasks, like reading or doing the housework. Combining cannabis and audiobooks just makes sense, but let me give you some examples of how you can make this work for your lifestyle.

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Game of Thrones

Check out for Game of Thrones and more titles

Strain: Headband, sativa-dominant hybrid.

Activities: Listen to this book while at the gym on the cardio machines in an epic battle, or listen to this book while taking a chilly winter wike in the mountains.



Strain: Mango Kush, sativa-dominant hybrid.

Activities: Try this combo while you’re at home getting shit done or in the car about town running errands. This is a really short live concert at less than 90 minutes, and will have you giggling!

The Power of Now


Strain: Green Crack, sativa.

Activities: Prepare to get uplifted and inspired with this combo of buzzy bud and Eckhart’s intriguing tale. Perfect for a jog, this combo will keep your mind and body going.