Bubba Kush has become a favourite among marijuana connoisseurs and novices alike all over the world. Its popularity stems from its wonderful tranquilizing effects which persons look for whether they are using marijuana recreationally or medically. Its relaxing effects can be felt throughout the body as muscles loosen from head to toe. Its effect on the mind is even more wonderful as you feel like you are in a dream-like state where stress no longer exists. Instead, feelings of euphoria and happiness will take over, lifting your mood.

Taste & look

In addition to its relaxing qualities, it has a nice aroma that hints of sweet hashish, coffee and chocolate. There is also a earthy aroma and taste while the buds have glistening trichromes that make it very sticky. Its stickiness and sweet aroma have earned it the nick-name “Bubblegum”. Its buds are quite bulky in built and have a forest green or sometimes purple colour.

Origin & genetics

While the Bubba strain’s bulky buds could mistake the plant for being of Afghani origin, its actual origin is uncertain. The person who bred the strain said that Bubba came into being some time after 1996 as a result of pollination between the popular Kush strain and an unidentified indica strain which was eventually referred to as “Bubba”. Since then it has grown tremendously in popularity. As an indica dominant strain, it has an indica-sativa ratio of on average 95:5, while its THC content is a whopping 27%! Because of its high THC content new weed smokers should be careful of how much they have at first. It is best to test the waters to see how much you can handle without “overdosing” yourself.

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Unpleasant effects

While the Bubba does have euphoric and uplifting effects, it also has some effects that you may find undesirable. It will make you sleepy and hungry. Because it does bring on some amount of fatigue, it is best to use this strain in the evening when you are already planning to sleep. If Bubba brings on the munchies, have something healthy nearby to snack on instead of reaching for the usual unhealthy snack or fast food.

Medical benefits

Like other marijuana strains, Bubba boasts several medical benefits, including:


Insomnia can be a thorn in your side. You need maximum rest to be at the top of your game whether it comes on to your professional life or your personal life. While taking prescription sleeping pill is the go-to for many persons, Bubba Kush is a great alternative, especially as it has amazing relaxing properties that make you feel light and free of all worries and concern that will normally keep you up at nights.


Too much stress in your life can lead to many unpleasant consequences, such as weight gain and developing hypertension. For busy persons, heading to the gym to work off stress may be an elusive wish or heading to a popular vacation spot like Jamaica. Instead of travelling miles or spending too much money, smoking or vaping some Bubba Kush will give you the stress relief you are looking for. And the best part is you can have it in the comfort of your own home without prying or judgemental eyes on you.

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Depression can make you unproductive and leave you feeling demotivated and worthless. There are scores of toxic things persons use to help ease their depression that cause more harm than good. Bubba Kush is a natural alternative that lifts your mood and gets you into a productive frame of mind where you can work on the stuff you have been unable to start or finish. Creative persons like writers and painters may especially benefit from this strain as its effects will put you in a creative state.

Headache & Pain

The pain fighting properties of this strain will come as a source of relief for persons battling with chronic pain and recurring headaches. As it relaxes the body, it eases it of any pain being experienced. Traditional prescription drugs can become addictive and destructive to the health while this marijuana strain is of nature and does not pose so those kinds of unfavorable health risks.

Things to watch out for

While Bubba Kush does have many beneficial effects, there are some that may cause some discomfort. They include:

Cotton mouth

To combat this, have a glass of water or some other liquid nearby when you are smoking or vaping.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes are a common symptom of smoking many marijuana strains. Use of eye drops to bring moisture to the eyes will prove beneficial.


Some people may feel dizzy when using this strain. If you find that it makes you dizzy, you should stop using. Always monitor the amount you are using to reduce the likelihood of becoming dizzy.

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Anxiety and paranoia are experiences many persons have when ingesting THC, especially if they are new marijuana users. You should control the amount of marijuana consumed to gauge your tolerance so that you don’t experience the discomforting paranoid effects.

Growing the strain

The difficulty level for growing this strain is moderate and so anyone who wishes to grow Bubba Kush can be successful at doing so. It is 30 inches in height when grown to its full potential with a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. It has a yield of 350-375 g/m.

Below is a table with some key information on the popular Bubba Kush strain for quick reference.

Positive Effects Euphoric, relaxed, uplifting, happy, heightened senses
Flavors Woody, earthy, sweet, pine
May Relieve Insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, headaches, joint pain, arthritis
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, earthy, honey, earthy
THC Content % 27
CBD % 0.01-0.08
Yield 350-375 g/m
Genetic Indica/Sativa
Flowering time 7-9 weeks
Harvest October
Plant Height Tall
Type Autoflowering



Bubba Kush is a legend among marijuana strains. Its quintessential indica features, wonderful aroma complimented by its wide array of medicinal uses make Bubba Kush a one of a kind strain!