Some activities feel like they’re designed for indica. If you’re a fan of the body-high strains, check out these awesome activities for indica lovers!

Smoking weed does tend to make almost any activity so much more fun, but there are definitely some strains better suited for certain activities over others. We decided to compile a list of everyone’s favorite stoner activities and combine them with a list of the best strains for each, starting off with what’s best for indicas and which ones!

Due to the body high you can get from an indica you’ll come to find that most activities you can do after smoking are centered around things you do while kicking back and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside, either.

6. Eat Up!

Smoking almost any strain can make you get the munchies, but there’s something about an indica that can make almost any weird food combination you can think of taste as it came from Iron Chef Morimoto!

Best Strains: Gog & Magog; Training Day; Ancient OG; Sin City Kush; Negra 44; Death Star OG

5. Take A Relaxing Shower

6 Awesome Activities for Indica Lovers

You don’t have to smell to take a shower, just like you don’t have to smoke beforehand — but the more you do the better it will feel overall! There’s just something about the way the water feels that showering or bathing after a nice bowl of indica will be a go-to for the most relaxing moments.

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Best Strains: Northern Lights; LA Confidential; Blueberry; Skywalker; Death Star; White Rhino

Go on a Picnic

6 Awesome Activities for Indica Lovers

Picnics are incredible for two reasons: one is that you can sit back and enjoy nature in a highly comfortable setting and the other is that you get to eat. If it’s not setting in as to how exactly am indica would make that better, you’re probably just not familiar with them. Kick back on a blanket, enjoy some homemade snacks or meals and let the sun shine brighten your day; just don’t forget to invite your friends!

Best Strains: Zkittlez; Rocky Mountain Blueberry; Blue Lights; Misty Kush; Godzilla

Netflix and Chill?

6 Awesome Activities for Indica Lovers

Setting aside the second half of that question, watching a movie or a TV show after a nice bowl is one of the better things indica’s are suited for. You get to kick back to whatever sounds good at the time, even if what sounds good is a B-rate foreign horror flick with the subtitles turned off and using your own inner monologue as a script.

Best Strains: Papa’s OG; CBD Shark; Purple Chemdawg; Motivation; Crosswalker; Somango


D205_104_020_0004_600 (1)

Luckily for this generation, there’s never been much of a stigma on having sex with a partner. In fact, it’s seen as somewhat normal for a functional relationship, though it’s not mandatory. If you do decide to have sex, smoking a little indica beforehand will make your body feel great, and the sex even better!

Pro-tip: As per our recommendation, consider refraining from smoking on the very first date – it may create unwanted anxiety.

Best Strains: Sugar Mama; Americano; K-Train; Blue Moonshine; Cannasutra; Wonder Woman OG

Falling Asleep

6 Awesome Activities for Indica Lovers

I know, picking this one is basically cheating. I’m only a little sorry because the fact of the matter is that an indica will have a greater chance of knocking you back into bed than a sativa will. Not only will you fall asleep much easier than you’re used to (especially for you insomniacs), but you’ll feel as if you actually slept deeper after you wake back up. It’s a win-win!

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Best Strains: Electric Black Mamba; Brand X; Emerald OG; Night Nurse; Eran Almog; Russian Assassin