1. Weavesilk

Weavesilk is a popular web app for creating trippy symmetrical doodles made of light by drawing on a mirrored canvas. The slower you draw, the more intricate your patterns become. Tip: adjust the color, intensity, and symmetry of the threads for more unique patterns.

Trippy Websites: Weavesilk
via interschoolmathematics.pbworks.com

2. Neave

Neave has been around for a while. It’s collection of trippy videos and interactive games that transform your browser into an interactive kaleidoscope on LSD. From simple yet addictive games, to the exploration of important life questions through a contemporary twitter feed, Neave’s bizzaro world let’s you ride your high to a new experience.

Trippy Websites: Neave

3. Codepen

Trippy Websites: CodePen

Codepen is repository for web developers and coders to showcase their creations. It seems out of place in this list until you see what these wizards have crafted with only a few lines of code.

You can find a few of such amazing works below here, here, and here!

4. Tonematrix

Trippy Websites: Tonematrix

Tonematrix is a simple flash-based synthesizer where you click on little squares to combine different beats. The great thing about tonematrix is its pentatonic sequencer. This means that beginners and professionals alike can both achieve musical genius on this site.

5. Patatap

Tippy Websites: Patatap

Patatap is a quirky mix of music and art. In Patatap, each key in your keyboard corresponds to a unique sound and graphic. Every time you hit a key your screen turns into an explosion of sound and imagery. It’s up to you to create your own music video!

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6. The Revolving Internet


If you’ve ever felt that the Internet is lacking a certain moving, dramatic element, the revolving Internet is perfect for doing regular internet stuff… with a twist.

7. The Work of Larry Carlson

Trippy Websites: Larry Carleson

This website is one of many dark, strange corners of the Internet, in a wonderful way. Larry Carlson is a psychedelic artist and surrealist. The site is about as trippy as it gets, with a collection of Larry’s flash animations, gifs, websites, and amazing psychedelic artwork.

“Through my artwork I aim to offer the viewer a new way of seeing the world, to describe life as magical, and rich with wonder, mystery and possibility.”

-Larry Carlson

Notable Mention: VSauce


VSauce is a youtube channel that does a great job answering interesting questions to life’s greatest mysteries like, what’s it like to travel inside a black hole or what the color of a mirror is. Have you ever wondered if what you think is the color red is what others see as red? There’s a video for that as well. Check your highness scale before visiting this channel because VSauce videos will blow your mind every time.